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Quite Possibly The Most Unique Formula One Book Ever


Let’s get the details out of the way first.  The cost of the e-book is only £1.99 and available on (HERE).  It is NOW available in the  iTunes iBookstore.  It’s in ePub format which makes it compatible on virtually any mobile device including your smart phone.

The story behind the book:

I started to write F1 poetry a while ago,  roughly one year ago, I began posting  the poems on my blog.  Thus far they have been very well received.  This unique form of poetry, albeit simple and fun, has gained world-wide audiences much to my surprise.  My poems are often read on a South African online (Visual) radio station called Ballz Radio (  Gearz show hosts Sasha Martinengo and Diana Fensham have embraced and supported my poems.

It all really started with a well-known chap named Peter Windsor.  It was he who originally read my F1 poems on his online program, The Flying Lap.  He suggested I should compile my poems and publish a book.  I hadn’t really considered that, but after some thought, I decided to give it a go. Peter needs no introduction in Motorsport circles.  He’s been in Formula One for over 40 years in many capacities.  He has given my poems a voice and shared them with his audiences across the globe.  He now has a new show called The Racer’s Edge, which mimics the name of  his column in F1 Racing Magazine.

The eBook is a collection of poems written to summarize the 2012 Formula One season. However, that is only part of it.  It includes F1 related poems composed for friends, partners and just for fun.There are tribute poems to Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve and Mario Andretti, Bernd Maylander, Alan van der Merwe, Dr. Gary Hartstein, Charlie Whiting, Jordan Irvine and of course our favorite #TechF1 guru Craig Scarborough.  There are fun F1 poems to which celebrate the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.  I’ve even included promotional poems  written for and used by Pepe Jeans, McLaren and GPTours.

I must mention that my F1 poems found their way into the hands of a few people such as Will Buxton, Mario Andretti and Bernd Maylander.  My good friend and Twitter legend, Fake Charlie Whiting hand delivered them on his visit to US Grand Prix in Austin Texas last season.

Please take a moment, click on the LINK if you’re curious and read the preview.

Thank You kindly,

Ernie Black (@TheF1Poet)

#F1 – Formula Future – #HumanIgnition Episode 4




This is the fourth and final episode of Human Ignition.  A series of videos developed and produced by Team Lotus F1 and sponsors Burn energy drink, with the collaboration of many key individuals.
The series invokes thought into what the future of Formula One might look like in years to come. The sport, without doubt is one of the most innovative global Motorsports series.  It’s direction changes as regulations shift and force some of the world’s brightest minds to bend the natural thought process.  In doing so, the results and ideas are incredibly unpredictable and highly ingenious. The way each of us envisions the sport in the future is undoubtedly different.  So too is the vision of the engineers and rule makers within the sport and the bodies which govern the sport and ultimately shape it.
Burn and Lotus have gathered some of these thoughts and ideas and compiled them into this thought-provoking series.  Describing this series, Burn puts it best by stating, “In this series we’ll delve deep into the history and makeup of the sport, speaking to racing legends and other trailblazers along the way. Join us as we attempt to turn the hypothetical into the tangible, pursing what people have only ever dreamed of — until now.”

@Burn and Lotus at it again


Lotus F1 Team partner Burn Energy drink has been cooking up a little something with the Lotus F1 Team, and this is it! A nice little video with Romain Grosjean, Pastor Maldonado and a very ‘special guest’.

Here’s the link:


#F1 Brilliant Bribes, Crashes and Smiles

As requested and promised, here is the Belgian Grand Prix race review in verse.  Enjoy

It’s been a little while since I’ve penned an F1 rhyme

I’ve been working on projects; I simply haven’t had the time

Excuses aside now let’s get cheeky some

And walk to the beat of this rhyming F1 drum

During the break (which felt like forever),

Ecclestone and his lawyers got quite ballsy and rather clever

For Bernie, “Pure Genius”, is the term I’d use to describe

Avoiding a conviction of bribery by offering the courts…a bribe

So off to Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix

Boy I’ll tell you, there are very few places that I’d rather be

The awesome Eau Rouge, Les Combes and La Source

Everyone expected to feel the mighty Mercedes’ Powerunit’s force

It was just as expected in qualy, as all stars were aligned

Beating their chest, Mercedes in front with the next best, 1.898s behind

Conditions on Sunday were dry with obvious tension in the air

Would turn one cause havoc, for the dueling Mercedes pair?

Drama ensued before the race ever commenced

Alonso’s crew broke grid rules thus a penalty was dispensed

It would be a stop and go slap on the Spaniard’s wrist

I have no doubt that Alonso was quite rightfully pissed

He was off the line and just in time, to avoid starting from pit lane

I’ll wager he and his team were silently praying for timely rain…

Lights on, Lights out, away they scampered

Nico’s get away appeared to be somewhat HAMpered

Nico and Lewis collide on lap number two

The smoke you smell was from Toto Wolff whose gasket then blew

Hamilton suffered the brunt of the unexpected shunt

As his puncture was a huge blow to his world championship hunt

Rosberg however would not escape unscathed

With broken front wing in Karma’s smiled he bathed

How neither of these drivers would end up winning this race

Is nothing short of disaster to Mercedes management’s disgrace

But let’s not forget about the rest of the field

Who battled like warriors with just swords and no shield

Epic overtaking manoeuvers, of pure bravery and skill

And Kimi whipping his red horse beyond its capability and will

The day however would belong to man from down under

Who’s been known to be called F1’s great smiling wonder

Daniel Ricciardo from the Red Bull stable who’s writing his own fable

Has been steadily climbing up F1’s World Driver’s Championship points table

Now, I’m not going to suggest that he just might win the title

But he’s making it clear to Mercedes that scoring maximum points is now absolutely vital

Belgian Waffles – F1 Style

I’ve been told that for an F1 Poet, I haven’t been writing much F1 Poetry.. It’s true, I’ve been fortunate enough to have such great access to so many interesting Formula One related people that I’ve been busy interviewing and forging new relationships. As a result, my analytical side has recently taken over my creative side and the result has been a lack of poetry.

Some readers may know that I write for several F1 websites and run social media feeds as well. What some may not know is that this year, I’ve taken on work as managing editor of a WEC and Formula E eMagazine as well. Therefore, the lack of free time has taken its toll on my poetry.

For those of you who enjoy my feeble attempt at humours Motorsport poetry, I promise to have something for you this week. This season and all the action on and off the track has given me plenty of material.

Stay tuned… F1 Poetry coming up!

Not just another day at the Spa…Belgium GP thoughts

Quick thoughts on today’s Belgian Grand Prix before I hit the road and leave my keyboard behind for a day or two.

Spa-Francorchamps is one of my all time favourite F1 venues. It would be the perfect “Welcome back” from the summer break for Formula One and its fans. The Belgian GP normally provides an exciting race so why should the 2014 edition be any different?

Drama and excitement was present from before the start. The Mercedes duo were poised for another 1 -2 finish as they sat at the front of the grid before the lights went out. They remained confident with the knowledge that they were over a full second clear of the rest of the field in terms of pace.

The drama unfolded quicker than Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s linen napkin at dinner. Ferrari mechanic’s working feverishly on Alonso’s car beyond the warning before the parade lap cost the Spaniard a five second stop and go penalty. This would pale in comparison to the story about to unfold after the start of the race however. Hamilton and Rosberg tussling at the front eventually came together causing damage for both cars. A glimmer of hope shot across the chasing pack. It was obvious that Hamilton suffered the most damage as he limped back on a shredded Pirelli tyre for almost an entire lap. His race wasn’t just compromised, it would eventually be over before the end in a prudent move to save his power unit.

The race itself was entertaining. It was filled with comic book bravery and daft overtakes which brought fans to their feet off the edge of their seats. The racing action seems to have silenced the critics about the new F1 power unit “noise” and phallic inspired noses.

Important notes from today really are that despite having inferior power and pace, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo claimed his third victory. The importance of this accomplishment in a season dominated by Mercedes power is truly worthy of a mention. Kimi seemed to have his breakthrough moment finishing ahead of Alonso and nearly missing out on a podium. Finally I have to congratulate Bottas for yet another podium for Williams. He’s handing Massa his ass in a sister car and showing well for his Grove based team. The young Finn appears confident and mature, interviewing calmly and well spoken. His comments about knowing that they are building for the future shows that neither he nor Williams are finished working toward their goals yet.

The podium was an unpleasant place for Rosberg as he was greeted by booing fans several times. It was awkward for Eddie Jordan as well as he conducted the interviews but nothing would wipe the smile off the face of Ricciardo who stood on the top step admiring all the Aussie flags waiving back at him.

After the race, more drama followed as expected. Most of us were awaiting the impending “ShitStorm” at Mercedes and of course, just when we all thought the worst had past, the media got its story. Comments made by Hamilton about Rosberg admitting to have had deliberately made contact to “prove a point” kicked the media into a dizzying frenzy. Toto Wolf later mentioned that Nico’s comments were misconstrued. It could be damage control or it could be genuine. Either way, the FIA should have an obligation now to investigate what happened.

There are clearly those that don’t have issues with fans booing. I completely understand and respect that fans and spectators have a right to their opinions, and have a right to express it. My view however is that some decorum should be exercised when doing so. Surely there are classier ways than booing during a podium interview. Sometimes, silence is the best way to make a point.

F1 – British GP – Battles and Bitches

British GP recap – a very alternative view:

British GP 2014 Podium - courtesy Octane Photographics Ltd.

British GP 2014 Podium – courtesy Octane Photographics Ltd.

Well the British Grand Prix is dusted in done

And so too is round number nine of F1’s title run

An interesting race full of thrills and spills

And moments in which spines felt uncomfortable chills

It began in lap one when Kimi ran wide

He rejoined in a fury with a spin and a slide

Massa did everything to avoid the flying Finn

But he was unceremoniously collected by Raikkonen

The red flag was waived as Alan arrived in the medical car

And Kimi was shaken and stirred without a single scar

The race restarted in the order they ran

The Mercs jumped out in front and a new battle began

Rosberg slowed as his gearbox gave up

As Hamilton dreamed about drinking from victory’s cup

Gutierrez speared Pastor; his Lotus flew like a plane

Perhaps it was payback for that crash in Bahrain…

Alonso and Vettel went wheel to wheel

Just inches apart with nerves of raw steel

The radio messages had most fans in stitches

As they battled like champions and whinged like bitches

Meanwhile at the front, Lewis ran off in the distance

A clear path to the checkers without any resistance

Bottas in second, albeit thirty seconds adrift

And Ricciardo in third who’s Red Bull was quite swift

This day belonged to Lewis and Merc AMG

A home win for him at the epic British Grand Prix



Feeling the Burn in the Lotus Garage


In the Lotus Garage for Friday Practice

Lotus F1 Sponsor Burn Energy Drink, part of the Coca Cola family extended an invitation to me to experience Free Practice. I met Fleur Foster, Lotus account manager at the garage entrance and she escorted me in. While she briefed me on the rules and handed me my headset, we chatted about her role and what she does on a typical GP weekend. Fascinating stuff.

Being able to listen in with my headset to conversations between engineers and drivers was special.  What was immediately apparent however was how challenging it was to understand the messages.  They weren’t so much cryptic as they were short.  I honestly expected the audio quality to be a little better too.  After a while though, I had sharpened my listening skills and was able to follow along. At one point as I was joined by some sponsor guests.

I took a quick look around the two garage bays to survey and take a mental snapshot. There are 8 TV flat screens, one on each outside wall, four along the front just about the garage opening to the pit lane and two along the back.

Just before FP1 commenced, the garage came alive. There was a flurry of activity, tyres being prepared, Fuel being regulated, final checks and balances.  The starter motor was inserted and the Renault power plants came alive.  Despite the complaints over the lack of “noise”, I can assure you that there was plenty of noise in the confines of the garage walls.  As the cars left with a low-end grunt the sound fizzled into a hum like grumble, much like what I imagine it would sound if Barry White was gargling.

Immediately, there was chatter between drivers and engineers and information bounced back and forth as the drivers felt out the circuit for the first time this season.  The drivers were asked to try different settings in different parts of the circuit.  The cars returned quickly to the garage for slight adjustments with tyre pressures and various settings. I enjoyed watching the whole process which reminded me of a well-choreographed dance performance.  The car is lifted, placed on a dolly, tyre temperatures are checked and the brakes are cooled immediately.  The car is then wheeled into place in the garage and the real work begins. A Pirelli engineer does some analysis, tyre pressures are checked, a fuel sample is taken and fuel is either added or removed for the next run.  A representative/engineer from Total is also on hand to observe and analyze. The tyre warmers are then placed back on top of the tyres to retain some heat before they come off again and the drivers head back out.

At one point, I counted 12 mechanics around Pastor’s car. It was interesting to observe that engineers/mechanics were intensely scrutinizing the left rear of both cars.  I was unable to determine what components were possibly causing the concern, although I suspect it had more to do with just the effects of the circuit on the car.

Here are a couple of bits of information you might find interesting;

  • The electric tyre blankets heat the tyres to approximately 100 degrees Celsius. There is an unmistakably unique smell that emanates from the tyres even when still in their cozy blankets.
  • Telemetry collects at a rate of 35Mb per minute.  It may not appear to be much in a world of Gigabytes and Terabytes etc… however imagine how much data is collected over a race weekend for both cars.

A big thanks to everyone at Burn Energy drink and Team Lotus for a great opportunity.

A look back at the crazy events of the Monaco GP of 96

There is one Grand Prix, to which one must go
Without question or doubt, it’s Monaco

Where commitments are final and often misgiving
It’s tight and twisty and unforgiving

I take a look back, in my rear-view mirror
To 1996, here this couldn’t be clearer

A race of attrition, with no immunity
But for a small few, t’was pure opportunity

Join me now, for a quick recap
Of an epic race, lap after lap

On a slippery track, with Schumi on pole
Damon Hill snagged the lead, with commanding control

He scampered away, as many were claimed
By the walls and conditions, that couldn’t be tamed

Thirteen cars remained, by end of lap five
Far fewer still, by the end would survive

Irvine and Frentzen, had a fantastic battle
Causing cars to queue up, like a large herd of cattle

They inevitably clashed, causing Frentzen to pit
For a new front wing, his crew had to fit

Olivier Panis, found incredible pace
He charged through the field and to Hill gave chase

He tangled with Irvine, who’s Ferrari did stall
And somehow was able, to keep off of the wall

A few laps later, Hill’s engine gave way
In a plume of smoke, it was the end of his day

Alesi then led, with Panis pursuing
But lightning would strike, as trouble was brewing

Alesi pulled in, to the Benetton pits
He would not return, as his car called it quits

A little French rookie, in his French Ligier
Led in Monte Carlo, on this historic day

With eight cars left running, in the final laps
The rain returned, causing further collapse

Both Mika’s collected, by a spinning Irvine
Only four cars remained, in this race against time

As tensions rose higher, with time winding down
Panis crossed the line first, in this enchanted town

This race would make history and what better place
Than F1′s crown jewel and most coveted race

The glitz and glamour, the danger and fame
It’s one of a kind, Monaco is its name


In Memory of a Legend – #SENNA



This first day of May, we are reminded of that sad and dreadful day, when the legend passed away. The silence was deafening in our state of dismay, it’s been 20 years for which for him the champagne would no longer spray.

He was not just a driver but so much more, the fiercest competitor to his very core refusing to lift off the throttle which was constantly pinned to the cockpit floor. With fluid motion, raw aggression and immeasurable grace, only crossing the line first brought a smile to his face.

We remember him in black and gold, showing signs of pure brilliance to behold…awaiting his chance to be unleashed and uncontrolled. And greatness we witnessed without shadow of doubt, when in 88 he joined McLaren and ended his championship drought. Together with Prost they won all but one race in their championship bout.

Brazil ’91, with only 6th gear, a wet victory, for his home fans to cheer. A rain master of sorts, remember Monaco?, In heavy rains, he put on a show.

So focused was he, that he’d be completely entranced, with severe tunnel vision, his car tip-toed and danced. Methodically preparing his approach to be the most advanced and winning the hearts of his fans who remained mesmerized and romanced. One of the greatest, we may ever have seen.

His rivalry with Prost had started, their war had begun. The fiercest battles ever to be fought in Formula One. Round after round their ammunition were their nerves and their right foot the gun in monsoon conditions or under the blazing sun he refused to lose, be outrun or outdone. His battles with Prost pushed them to new limits, ahead of the pack, by not seconds but minutes.

A moment of silence, for the late F1 great, as he smiles upon us, from behind Heaven’s gate while imagine him flying towards the flag along the pit straight.  He was the ultimate master of this Motorsport game, competing only to win and not for fame…his spirit shall live on… Ayrton Senna was this legend’s name.

A Tribute to Senna – Cartoon

A Tribute to Ayrton Senna


You can find more of Chris Rathbone’s work at

A Tribute to Senna

A Tribute to Senna – A collaborative effort by the brilliant Chris Rathbone and myself

F1 Premonition – Episode 1 #HumanIgnition

Welcome to Episode 1 of Human Ignition.  An imaginative look at the ideas of what Formula One may like in the future.

A production by Burn Energy Drink (@burn) a Coca Cola company in collaboration with the Lotus F1 team and special guests.  This feature is worth a look.  Allow our imagination to be set free and remove the boundaries which limit our vision to what might be.

Follow@burn on Twitter and Facebook  for more on this and other great features.  Search for #HumanIgnition and #FuelYourFire to ensure you don’t miss out on any of contests and giveaways.

#HumanIgnition : The Future of Formula 1 – Movie Trailer



Have you ever wondered what the future holds for Formula One?  Abandon all limits, unleash your imagination… Robot Drivers? Changeable Circuits? Cars that adapt to changing conditions?

With cameos by:

  • 1978 F1 World Champion Mario Andretti
  • Vehicle Designer (Batmobile, Tron: Lightcycle) Herald Belker
  • Architect and Urban designer (Brooklyn 2110) Mitchell Joachim
  • Artist (Marshmallow Laser Feast) Robin McNicholas

Watch it here:

I AM F1 : With Lotus F1 Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Thursday 13 March 2014. Romain Grosjean, Lotus F1. World Copyright: Andrew Ferraro/Lotus F1.. Courtesy Lotus F1 Team

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia Thursday 13 March 2014. Romain Grosjean, Lotus F1. World Copyright: Andrew Ferraro/Lotus F1.. Courtesy Lotus F1 Team

I AM a Lotus F1 Team driver, I AM in sync in a blink and @BURN is my only energy drink

I AM my own exhibit, F is my letter and 1 is my digit

I AM Motorsport spirit; I AM on the limit in a New York minute

I AM dialed in, tuned in, locked in and ready for F1 to begin

I AM stoked and ready, I AM rockin’ steady without breathing heavy

I AM dressed for F1 success, I AM DRS or ERS, I AM whatever button I need to press

I AM burning rubber without spinning wheels; I AM breaking hearts and making deals

I AM fastest lap, I AM pole position, I AM always at your disposition


Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia. Thursday 13 March 2014. Pastor Maldonado, Lotus F1, signs an autograph for a fan. World Copyright: Charles Coates/Lotus F1.. Courtesy Lotus F1 Team

For my friends at Lotus, Burn and Vice.


A few words from Pirelli’s Paul Hembery and Jean Alesi

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery shares his thoughts ahead of the Australian GP.  Technical Commentator and former F1 driver Jean Alesi  also chimes in .  Thank you to Pirelli media.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Pirelli Media

Photo Credit: Courtesy Pirelli Media

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: “This is the most radical rules shake-up of the modern Formula One era, so we’ve had to create a completely different set of tyres for the brand new dynamics presented by the 2014 cars. Pre-season testing has shown just what a big challenge these new rules are for everybody, but we have worked very hard throughout last year and the winter to come up with an entirely fresh range of tyres specifically designed for these latest-generation cars, featuring new compounds and constructions that actually cut down on degradation while maintaining the same level of performance. As a result, we’re still expecting between two to three pit stops per car in Melbourne, although we’ll be able to make some more exact predictions after we see the cars run in free practice. The first race of the season is always unpredictable but this will be the case more than ever in 2014.”

Jean Alesi, Pirelli technical commentator: ”I’ve always liked Albert Park: for a driver it has some elements of a street circuit like Monaco and also some elements of a more traditional circuit such as Barcelona. But this year Melbourne will be even more challenging. With the return of turbos, Formula One undergoes a radical transformation both in terms of technology and driving style. There is more torque under acceleration and out of the corners, which means that the tyres have to be even more resistant to wheelspin and lateral accelerations. Drivers will have to think about all this, as well as making sure that they don’t accelerate too hard and spin the car.” 

2014 In-Season Testing: Statement from Pirelli




Milan, March 7, 2014 – Following the agreement between Pirelli and the 11 Formula One teams, with the approval of the FIA, here is the schedule of the dedicated days (one per team) that each team will devote to tyre testing this year, within the existing 2014 in-season test calendar. 

Silverstone test (8-9 July)

The agreement, which was finalised during the final pre-season Bahrain test (from 27 February to 2 March), stipulates that each team will devote one day per year exclusively to testing the latest products and developments from Pirelli, within the framework of the existing test calendar. The definition of this tyre test schedule has been agreed by all parties involved.

For the last two days of this year’s test calendar (Abu Dhabi, 25-26 November) Pirelli will supply all the teams with prototype tyres in preparation for the 2015 season.

Each team will have to devote one day of testing this year to tyres for 2015, as written in the latest sporting regulation (under article 22.6h). This new rule is the result of requests from Pirelli to Formula One’s rule-makers at the end of last season. The tyres that each team will use during its nominated tyre test days will be supplied by Pirelli and will not form part of the 135 allocated sets for testing purposes each year.

2014 F1 Drivers Guide for @ScarbsF1

A Humorous Look At How to Identify F1 drivers in 2014 for my mate Craig Scarborough

It appears this may become an annual feature.  It was a huge hit last season thanks to Craig Scarborough for inspiring the idea.  As requested Scarbsie, this is for you.

Fernando Alonso

ALO#14, can be easily identified in his red suit either celebrating enthusiastically, wearing a frown, in a deep pensive state or experimenting as media in preparation for a career switch.

Valteri Bottas


#77, does not like the smell of the new Pirelli tyres.  He can often be found holding his breath through the paddock or practicing his podium jumps.

Jenson Button


#22, Has just gotten engaged and can be either spotted in a state of pre-marital bliss or practicing life as a married man with both ears plugged and a blank stare on his face.

Max Chilton


#4, is easily identifiable as he can often be found studying his MR03, sniffing exhaust fumes or squatting behind his car as if he is hiding from Jules Bianchi.

Marcus Ericsson


#9, F1 rookie, loves his sleep.  He can be found sneaking a cat-nap when not behind the wheel.

Romain Grosjean


#8 is never far from his bottle of BURN Energy Drink.  The effects of which can be seen in this “before and after” photo sequence above.

Esteban Gutierrez


#21, is always found wearing or fiddling with his ear-buds, ear-plugs or radio headset. Rarely found without something in or on his ears.

Nico Hulkenberg


#27, a.k.a. the HULK, is usually in the company of a pretty lady. He is notorious for making inappropriate use of his microphone (look closely).

Jean-Eric Vergne


#25, Jean-Eric can’t be missed. He is in a constant daze, with a glazed look on his face.  It is widely believed that he is in disbelief over having been passed over by Red Bull Racing.

Jules Bianchi


#17, The Marussia driver is very health conscious. He is usually smiling or enjoying his favorite juice box.

Kamui Kobauashi


#10, making a comeback to Formula 1 with Team Green (Caterham), the Japanese superstar and fan favorite referred to as Kobay, can be spotted from time to time imitating Bernie Ecclestone or in disguise wearing oversize sunglasses.

Daniil Kvyat


 #26, another F1 rookie always looking to catch some kip. Happy to crash anywhere anytime.

Lewis Hamilton


#44, rarely found without his Blackberry in hand “Snappin’ Selfies”, or in the company of his companion Roscoe.

Kevin Magnussen


#20, this F1 rookie does not believe in sleeping.  He is never far from McLaren team mate Jenson Button.  Can usually be found observing him closely so he can meet a lovely young lady like Button’s fiancée Jessica Michibata

Pastor Maldonado


#13, the ultimate joker.  Always in a good mood, can be spotted “fueling is fire” with @Burn or fooling people into believing he’s listening to music when he’s really just wearing ear-plugs.

Felipe Massa


#19, the lone Brazilian, draped in blue wearing a disturbed or concerned look.  He can be found glancing at photos of his new car on his mobile phone, thinking of a way to explain the nose of his new Williams to his wife….

Sergio Perez


#11, known as the ”Spicy Mexican”. Beware, he is constantly trying to serve up bowls of inferno chilly (ask Will Buxton). This season he’ll be listening to Bollywood hits and trying to learn Indian as a second language.

Kimi Raikkonen


#7, back in red, making his second home in Maranello in 2014. He can be found avoiding eye contact with everyone or pondering the meaning of “two roosters in the hen house” in media scrums.

Daniel Ricciardo


#3, the smiling Aussie is very alert and paranoid.  Afraid someone may take his Red Bull seat, he can be found marking his territory at every opportunity.

Nico Rosberg


#6, can be spotted imitating Mercedes AMG team mate Lewis with his Blackberry in hand “Snappin’ Selfies” or sucking Monster Energy Drink through his bendy straw while listening to Hamilton’s R&B or rap music.

Adrian Sutil


#99, subconsciously aware that he’s driving Sauber’s “50 Shades of Grey”, he can be identified by his wide array of fashionable eyewear. Some say, he’s hiding from the original #99 Wayne Gretzky and that his eyebrows are painted on.  All we know is, he’s not the Stig.

Sebastian Vettel


#1, tired of being known as “The Finger”, Vettel can be spotted in the paddock easily as he is eager to show everyone that he in fact can use more than just one finger. (Not the one Mark Webber likes to use)

Team Constructor  Car # Driver
Caterham F1 Team Caterham–Renault CT05 9  Marcus Ericsson
10  Kamui Kobayashi
Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari F14 T 7  Kimi Räikkönen
14  Fernando Alonso
Sahara Force India F1 Team Force India–Mercedes VJM07 11  Sergio Pérez
27  Nico Hülkenberg
Lotus F1 Team Lotus–Renault E22 8  Romain Grosjean
13  Pastor Maldonado
Marussia F1 Team Marussia–Ferrari MR03 4  Max Chilton
17  Jules Bianchi
McLaren Mercedes McLaren–Mercedes MP4-29 20  Kevin Magnussen
22  Jenson Button
Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes F1 W05 6  Nico Rosberg
44  Lewis Hamilton
Infiniti Red Bull Racing Red Bull–Renault RB10 1  Sebastian Vettel
3  Daniel Ricciardo
Sauber F1 Team Sauber–Ferrari C33 21  Esteban Gutiérrez
99  Adrian Sutil
Scuderia Toro Rosso Toro Rosso–Renault STR9 25  Jean-Éric Vergne
26  Daniil Kvyat
Williams F1 Team Williams–Mercedes FW36 19  Felipe Massa
77  Valtteri Bottas

F1: Happy Birthday Mario Andretti – Tribute

photoExtending my best birthday wishes to a great champion, here poem was written to Mr. Mario Andretti and hand delivered by the infamous Fake Charlie Whiting, in Austin Texas on the weekend of the inaugural US GP.

Mario Andretti, is a Motorsport giant, he looks fear in the eyes and stands there defiant
He’s a king and a legend, few can ever compare, with nerves of pure steel and Italian flair
Fiercely American but proud of his roots, he’s most at home in his racing suits
He’s a hero to many spanning generations, from sea to sea and across many nations
His name is famous, synonymous with speed, he is driven to win, and born to succeed
No other driver will accomplish as much, with titles and wins, that can’t be touched
A ladies man, he’s quite the stud, this racing life is in his blood
It’s a family affair, just ask his son Michael, a Motorsport champ, who continues the cycle
To Mr. Andretti, this message I send; You’re my idol and hero, and my respect I extend
My father and I are your biggest fans, we await the day, when you shake our hands
We met once in Toronto, during the Indy race, when Michael was flying, all over the place
And now it’s Marco, we sit and cheer, as we show our support, by raising our beer
You’re Motorsport leader and ambassador, you’re champion among giants , and so much more
Best Birthday wishes from me to you, good luck and good fortune, in all that you do


F1 2014: Pirelli Tyre Preview



Here is how the Pirelli Formula One tyre range looks in 2014:

P Zero Orange hard




 The toughest tyre of the range is designed for circuits that are often characterised by high ambient temperatures, putting the highest energy lo

adings through the tyres with fast corners or abrasive surfaces. The compound takes longer to warm up, but offers maximum durability – which frequently means that it plays a key role in race strategy.

This is a high working range compound. Like all the 2014 tyres, this is a brand new compound with a new construction to meet the requirements of the latest cars, with increased torque, extra energy recovery systems, but reduced aerodynamics.

P Zero White medium

Theoretically this is the most perfectly balanced of all the tyres, with an ideal compromise between performance and durability. As a result, it is very versatile, but often comes into its own on circuits that tend towards high speeds and energy loadings. This is a low working range compound. As is the case with all the 2014 tyres, there is a new profile at the front to take into account the altered vehicle dynamics and improve handling. 

P Zero Yellow soft

This is one of the tyres most frequently used tyres in the range, striking a very good balance between performance and durability, with the accent on performance. It is still biased towards speed rather than long distances, but is nonetheless capable of providing a competitive advantage both at the beginning of the race on full fuel and when used as a ‘sprint’ tyre at the end. This is a high working range compound. All the compounds are generally slightly harder than their equivalents last year, in order to deliver the same performance despite the extra forces placed on the tyres.

P Zero Red supersoft

The softest compound in the range is ideal for slow and twisty circuits, especially in cold weather, when maximum mechanical grip is needed. The supersoft benefits from an extremely rapid warm-up time, which makes it ideal in qualifying as well, but the flip side to that important characteristic is of course increased degradation. This is a low working range compound. One of the key evolutions this year has been optimisation of the footprint pressure and temperature distribution. This presents a more even contact with the asphalt, improving grip and handling.

Cinturato Green intermediate

The intermediates are the most versatile of the rain tyres, dispersing approximately 25 litres of water per second at full speed. They can be used on a wet as well as a drying track. The Cinturato Green is a new concept for this year, with a number of the development aspects also transferred to the full wet tyre.

Cinturato Blue wet

The full wet tyres can disperse up to 65 litres of water per second at full speed (increased from 60 litres last year) making them the most effective solution for heavy rain. The latest evolution of the Cinturato Blue means that it is also effective on a drying track, with increased durability. The full wet tyre has a new compound and a redesigned rear tread pattern to further reduce aquaplaning. The result of this intensive work is increased driveability in a wide variety of conditions.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery: 

“We saw more work on tyres at the recent Bahrain test than there had been at the very first test in Jerez, and with teams likely to be attempting more qualifying and race simulations this week in preparation for the opening grand prix, we would expect this upward curve of tyre work to continue over the final four days in Bahrain. It’s still early days, but so far we’ve seen both performance and durability from our latest P Zero tyres, which all feature new compounds and structures to maximise the unique power characteristics of the latest-generation cars. The contact patch is greater, to help put down the extra torque, and the working ranges are wider to reduce degradation. As the lap times in Bahrain have shown, we’re already very close to 2013 levels of performance, despite much smaller capacity engines and a completely fresh set of technical challenges.” 

Testing Facts:

Teams are allowed an overall maximum total of 135 sets of tyres for testing this year, including the in-season tests. The maximum total for the three pre-season tests is 85 sets of tyres: 25 sets for Jerez and 30 each for the two Bahrain tests.

Teams have a certain number of fixed compound choices totalling 22 sets per car in Bahrain (see table below). On top of that each team was also able to choose in advance eight more sets to try in Bahrain. The ‘base’ slick compounds – ‘winter’, hard, medium and soft – were selected by Pirelli in advance together with the teams to reflect the characteristics of Bahrain.

More Testing Facts and Figures:

Compound Amount provided per team * Fastest time in 2013 **
Supersoft  N/A  N/A
Soft  2  N/A
Medium  10  1.32.330
Hard  8  1.36.961
‘Winter’ hard  2  N/A
Intermediate  N/A  N/A
Wet  N/A  N/A

* Above choice made by Pirelli in agreement with the teams. Each team could choose further 8 sets for this test.
** Based on the results of the 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Courtesy of Pirelli Media



I’m my own exhibit F is my letter and 1 is my digit

For my friends at Burn Energy Drink and Lotus F1 Team – a little Motorsport poetry to kill time between pre-season tests…

I wrote this as a quick thank you for the great support. A special nod to Andy Stobart as well for allowing me to bust his chops with interview requests.

I’m my own exhibit, F is my letter and 1 is my digit
I’m Motorsport spirit; I’m on the limit in a New York minute
I’m dialed in, tuned in, locked in and ready for F1 to begin
I’m on track, on site or online all the time and in my prime
I’m stoked and ready, I’m rockin’ steady without breathing heavy
I’m fueled up, charged up, revved up and ready to erupt
I’m dressed for F1 success, I’m DRS or ERS, I’m whatever button I need to press
I’m burning rubber without spinning wheels; I’m breaking hearts and making deals
I’m fastest lap, I’m pole position, I’m always at your disposition
I’m qualifying and death defying, I’m always complying and never denying
I’m in your nation for a short duration; I’m as much a flirtation as I am your temptation
I’m confident and competent; I’m so evident I’m prominent
I’m a Lotus F1 Team driver, just click on my link, I’m in sync in a blink and BURN is my only energy drink

Change of Pace and Format

Dear readers,

IMG_5472The F1 Poet blog will change it’s format slightly to be more blog like.  I will continue to post Motorsport inspired and promotional poems and share my experiences from the F1 paddock and events through personal blog posts.  I will continue to work with my partners Octane Photographics, however most of my work will be found online through other media outlets.

I’m happy to announce that I have joined F1’s Team Lotus sponsor BURN Energy Drink (A Coca-Cola Product) in their Social Media Network.   I look forward to bringing you exciting new content from both BURN and Team Lotus as part of my new role.

I’m also very happy to announce the launch of a new business venture, E-Racing Magazine with my Aussie mate Trent Price. The new e-Magazine focuses on FIA’s WEC and Formula E series.

My work in F1 circles will continue with GPWeek, RichlandF1, F1Plus and F1Times.

Thank you all for your continued support

A Formula 1 Valentines Day Poem


Happy Valentine’s Day to all F1 fans
From way down under to the desert sands

Let’s not forget this sport we adore
On a day for love, sex, chocolates and more

Oh sure there are flowers,love letters and roses
But how deep is our love to dismiss these new noses?

A love like this is not easy to find
The power and passion, in the back of your mind

The change of direction gets you hot and bothered
Naughty thoughts are harboured and fathered

Strap yourself in and watch the lights go out
On the edge of your seat as you gesture and shout

Hard on the brakes before the first bend
Too close for comfort up each other’s rear end

Foot to the floor, new ERS button depressed!
Your heart beating faster right through your chest.

Such emotions evoked, you’re a bloody mess!
We’re in the zone now…unleash DRS!

That’s it, you’ve had it, your heart’s been broiled
Now look at that mess, your trousers are all soiled

The lads come in to slap on new rubbers
And quickly get wiped by the visor scrubbers

Up goes the lollipop and out of the pits
As you sit there soiled and out of your wits

Slipping and sliding on brand new slicks
So sweaty your wet, Cuz their plum out of tricks

Last corner approaches and out comes the flag
Your driver could win…now it’s a drag

You cover your eyes but you just have to look
Top step on the podium! This one’s in the book

Hope you enjoyed,my poem today
Thank you for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Force India jumps into GP2

Here is the scoop on Force India jumping into GP2, Press release and photo both courtesy of Sahara Force India Formula One Team.

Sahara Force India expands driver development programme with GP2 squad

Sahara Force India has expanded its driver development programme by teaming up with Hilmer Motorsport to create Sahara Force India’s official GP2 team.
The new partnership will see Facu Regalia and Daniel Abt race on the GP2 grid in the distinctive colours of Sahara Force India in the Hilmer Motorsport GP2 car.
The development programme expands on the success of Sahara Force India’s reserve driver programme, which has already helped progress several drivers to Formula One race seats. It also represents a logical addition to the team’s ‘One From A Billion’ talent hunt, which helped unearth a selection of young Indian karting talents. The most successful candidate has been Jehan Daruvala, a 15-year-old from Mumbai, who graduated into the team’s Academy last year and was crowned British KF3 Junior champion.
Dr Vijay Mallya, Team Principal and Managing Director of Sahara Force India: “As a team we’ve always placed great emphasis on nurturing young drivers so I’m delighted to announce our partnership with a GP2 team. It’s the logical next step as we look to bring through the next generation of drivers and provide them with the opportunity to showcase their talent. Our presence in GP2 moves us closer to having a holistic development programme to school drivers from grassroots karting to the higher echelons of professional motorsport.”
Franz Hilmer, Team Principal and Managing Director of Hilmer Motorsport: “We are very happy about the collaboration between Hilmer Motorsport and Sahara Force India Formula One Team. I’ve had an association with Sahara Force India for ten years and we are looking forward to working together on a sporting level going forward. With Facu Regalia and Daniel Abt we have two very talented young drivers with the potential to progress to Formula One. We will do our best to support them on their way to the pinnacle of motor racing.”
Facu Regalia, Driver #12 Hilmer Motorsport:
“It is incredible news for me to be a GP2 driver with Hilmer Motorsport and Sahara Force India’s driver development programme. I appreciate the belief Franz Hilmer showed in my performances last year and the opportunity to race with him in 2014. I am also very proud to be associated with Sahara Force India and will make the most of the opportunities it presents. The chance to drive a Formula One car at the end of the season is also a huge motivation. My focus is to work as hard as I can to make sure we are fighting at the front of the field and getting the best results possible.”
Daniel Abt, Driver #11 Hilmer Motorsport:
“I am very happy about the association between Hilmer Motorsport and Sahara Force India Formula One Team. Over the last few years, Sahara Force India has given young and talented drivers the opportunity to race in Formula One so it’s great to have their support this season. I am determined to have a successful year with Hilmer Motorsport in the GP2 Series and I’m sure that we have the right package to achieve our ambitious goals.”

F1 2014 Winter Test First On Circuit Images with Close-ups – Jerez

Jerez, Spain


Images owned and copyright by Octane Photographics Ltd.- All rights reserved.

F1 Winter Testing is GO - Green light shines on 2014 pre-season

F1 Winter Testing is GO – Green light shines on 2014 pre-season

Mercedes W5

Mercedes W5

Red Bull RB10

Red Bull RB10

Newey and Hornor liking their chances again?

Newey and Hornor liking their chances again?

Red Bull RB10 - nose

Red Bull RB10 – nose

Ferrari F14T

Ferrari F14T

Kimi in the Ferrari F14T

Kimi in the Ferrari F14T

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Dancing in the Spanish sun

Dancing in the Spanish sun

Mercedes On Circuit

Mercedes On Circuit

Hamilton on his way to completing first full lap

Hamilton on his way to completing first full lap

Sauber On Circuit

Sauber On Circuit

STR on Circuit

STR on Circuit

Mercedes W5 Air Intake

Mercedes W5 Air Intake

Mercedes W5 Front Air Diffuser

Mercedes W5 Front Air Diffuser

Mercedes W5 Rear Wing Endplate

Mercedes W5 Rear Wing Endplate

Mercedes W5 Engine Cover

Mercedes W5 Engine Cover

Mercedes - W5 Rear Floor

Mercedes – W5 Rear Floor


F1 2014 First Images from Jerez Winter Testing

Jerez, Spain – 01-27-2014

Photos courtesy of my partners Octane Photographics Ltd.

All Images owned and copyright Octane Photographics Ltd.



#BO77AS arrives


STR ready to launch


McLaren onsite at Jerez


New Williams F1 Transport Livery


Ferrari Motorhome


Sauber sets up camp


Pirelli 2014 P-Zero range


Pirelli Citurato Inters


Welcome to Jerez


Pirelli Official Tyre Suppliers – F1


Pirelli tyres ready for action


Welcome back – FIA – Renalt


Four Time Champion Vettel happy to be back


A message of support from the Maranello crew to Michael Schumacher

F1 Driver Numbers









At a glance, here is a list of the permanent numbers selected by F1 drivers after the recent rule change.

Driver Number Selection
No. Driver Team
1*  Sebastian Vettel  Red Bull
3  Daniel Ricciardo  Red Bull
44  Lewis Hamilton  Mercedes
6  Nico Rosberg  Mercedes
14  Fernando Alonso  Ferrari
7  Kimi Raikkonen  Ferrari
8  Romain Grosjean  Lotus
13  Pastor Maldonado  Lotus
22  Jenson Button  McLaren
20  Kevin Magnussen  McLaren
27  Nico Hulkenberg  Force India
11  Sergio Perez  Force India
99  Adrian Sutil  Sauber
21  Esteban Gutierrez  Sauber
25  Jean-Eric Vergne  Toro Rosso
26  Daniil Kvyat  Toro Rosso
19  Felipe Massa  Williams
77  Valtteri Bottas  Williams
17  Jules Bianchi  Marussia
4  Max Chilton  Marussia
TBA  TBA  Caterham
TBA  TBA  Caterham


*(Vettel has selected 5 as his permanent number when not using 1)

Full Pirelli Statement – 3 Year Deal Secured


Milano, January 16, 2014 – Following a decision by the World Motor Sport Council confirming Pirelli’s status as the single supplier of tyres to the FIA Formula One World Championship, Pirelli and the FIA have renewed their Formula One tyre supply contract. The duration of the agreement is for three years, starting from the 2014 season.

The world motorsport’s governing body and Pirelli, in collaboration with the teams, have been working together to improve levels of safety and performance in Formula One, resulting in important changes to the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations regarding the testing of tyres, which will enable the Italian company to continue its Formula One single supply arrangements, in the best interests of the sport.

These new rules, mandatory from the 2014 season onwards, can be summarised as follows:

1) One of the 12 days of official pre-season testing, as prescribed in the 2014 Sporting Regulations, will be dedicated exclusively to wet tyre testing.

2) Each team will dedicate one of their eight days of in-season testing, as prescribed in the 2014 Sporting Regulations, exclusively to tyre testing. This means that during each of the eight days of in-season testing, at least one team – and up to a maximum of two – will be concentrating on tyre testing along with Pirelli’s engineers.

Pirelli will continue to determine the specification of the tyres and to manage all aspects of their development, in close consultation with the FIA and the teams, and within the parameters set out in the FIA Formula One Sporting & Technical Regulations.

In addition, Pirelli and the FIA have agreed to discuss how to go about establishing a possible partnership on the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign.

Courtesy of Pirelli Media

Formula 1’s Jersey Shore Saga

The saga continues.  Will Formula 1 fans ever see their beloved sport hit the popular culture phenomenon of yesteryear,  “Jersey Shores”?  My good friend George Adams happens to live nearby and offered to snap a few photos for me and give me his take on this mystical venue which started with the promise of greatness and has been reduced to rumors of a broken promise..

The on again off again (and on again and off again) Formula 1 race in New Jersey

Guest Post by George Adams ( – @StageLeftPhoto)


  If you’re an F1 fan, by now you have heard that Bernie wants a race with the NYC skyline as the backdrop. It seems the location has been chose

     I do think this race will happen, but there are still a few hurdles. Surprisingly, I don’t think money is one of them. The promoters have pledged that no public funds will be used for the track and I think that is possible. Just down the road they built a $1.6 Billion stadium without using public funds. The money is available in the area.n and an actual track has been designed, but it’s not been postponed again. Will this race ever happen, here are a few of my thoughts. A few disclosures first, I am a Jersey boy, I used to live a few blocks from the proposed track and I am a huge F1 fan. A little history of the area, 40 years ago, this area was an industrial rail yard with shipping piers and not much else. Unlike what has been written by some journalists, this area is currently a booming housing market with high-end condos, plenty of mass transit and developing shopping.

       The biggest problem is still exposure, even with a race in Austin, F1 is virtually unknown in this country and specifically in thisf1portimp1 area. I recently visited the location of the proposed track and conducted an informal poll of local residents. It was eye-opening to say the least, less than 5% of commuters who live in the area had any idea there was supposed to be a major world-wide sporting event where they were standing. Those who had heard of it, thought it had been permanently cancelled. The developer of the parking garage that features prominently in the pit complex of the track has made no mention of F1 in any of the public press releases promoting his properties. They recently started construction of a hotel complex on top of the parking garage and still no mention of any kind about a future F1 race.

That leads directly to the next major problem, the pit complex. I have walked and driven the proposed track layout and it is spectacular. I think drivers would love this track if they are given the chance to drive it. The only issue I can see is garage and pit space. On the surface the parking garage seems to be an ideal space to put the teams and their equipment, and it may be. The developer has stated that the first level of the garage is for retail shops, if that is the case there is no space left for any F1 activities. The other issue is space, there is no room in the front of the garage for the pit complex AND a track. There is no place to move anything as the edge of the proposed track is next to the water at this location. I do see a solution, but why the track was designed the way it was just raises more questions.

I do hope they can make this race happen, I think it would be great for the sport. The biggest problem I see is the fact that F1 is still virtually unknown in this area.

#F1 Christmas Poem: How Formula One Saved Christmas

A Christmas Classic – How Formula One Saved Christmas

As F1 fans this time of year, we begin to get the shakes and suffer from withdrawal from our beloved sport.  With  Christmas upon us and in the spirit of F1 and the holidays, I have re-written a Christmas poem for all F1 fans.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy this twist on a classic.


T’was The Night Before Christmas, When All Through Pit Lane
There Were No Milk And Cookies, Just Bottles Of Champagne

The Stockings Were Hung, By The Podium With Care
Hoping Newey’s Designs Soon Would Be There

Bernie Was Sleeping, Safe And Sound In His Bed
As Recent Courtroom Proceedings, Bounced Around In His Head

Jean Todt In His Onesie, Was Checking His List
As He Made Plans To Rule With A Soft Iron Fist?

When From The Paddock, Arose Something Quite Smelly
Sebastian Vettel Did Donuts, With Tyres From Pirelli

Away To The Pits, We Flew Like A Flash
We Heard Something Resembling, A Very Loud Crash

With The Light Of The Moon, It All Became Clear
Kimi Found Ice Cream, Then Dropped All His Beer

Charlie Whiting Appeared, At Race Control
He Had Just Arrived, From The Frosty North Pole

All Dressed In Red, White Hair And No Beard
With Shiny Black Boots Which Ron Dennis Revered

His Eyes Were A Twinkle, With A Smile On His Face
He Began Yelling And Screaming, For All To Come Race

All Drivers And Teams, Rushed Quickly And Came
As The Stern Race Director, Called Them By Name…

Now Vettel Now Lewis, Now Button And Nico
On Kimi On Webber, On Massa And Nando

To The Front Of The Grid, And Standing By
Chained Up Like Reindeer, And Prepared To Fly

They Took Over For Santa, Who Had Become Ill
He’d Been Forced On Stress Leave, After That Race In Brazil

Bernd Maylander Modified His Silver Pace Car
With A Red Light In Front, Which Seemed Quite Bizarre

Alan And Doc, Followed All From Behind.
In The Medical Car, With Heated Seats Reclined

Charlie Was Strapped, To The Top Of Their Merc
With A Bag Full Of Goodies, And A Huge Silly Smirk

In The Blink Of An Eye, With Tyres Still Smoking
They Dashed Off The Line, And Left Charlie Choking

DRS Was Enabled, And KERS Was Engaged
But No Contracts Were Signed, Which Left Bernie Enraged

 They Landed On Rooftops, In Perfect Formation
Like A Storybook Tale, With Murray Walker Narration

The Chimney Was Tight, Charlie Just Didn’t Fit
So He Delegated Duties, To Our Friend Aussie Grit

From City To City, And Home To Home
From Melbourne To London And Shanghai To Rome

The Fuel Cells Were Freezing, As They Sputtered And Shivered
But They Were Jolly And Quick, As All Gifts Were Delivered

Back To Pit Lane, For Festive Celebrations
As The F1 Crew, Beat St. Nick’s Expectations

Not A Word Was Spoken, As They Got The Job Done

Christmas Was Saved, Thanks To Formula One

From @TheF1Poet, I Say With Delight
Happy Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night

Ferrari Present new Formula 1 POWER UNIT

Presentation of the new Ferrari power unit

Presentation of the new Ferrari power unit

Presentation of the new Ferrari power unit

Rather than paraphrasing, here is the official media release of the presentation in Maranello earlier today:
Maranello 19 December – The engine which Scuderia Ferrari will use in 2014 is called the 059/3. A three dimensional preview of the powertrain that will be fitted to the Maranello Formula 1 cars as from next year, was shown today to a select group of Italian and international media, in Maranello for the traditional pre-Christmas meeting with President Montezemolo.

“As a result of the 2014 regulations, we no longer talk of engines, but of power units,” explained the Head of Engines and Electronics, Luca Marmorini. “It’s a very complex project and we have been working on it for the past two years. It’s a 1600 cc turbocharged internal combustion engine and only 100 litres of fuel can be used in a race, which means that the more efficient an engine, the more power it can use. Along with the turbocharger, there will be an electric motor, which will also act as a generator, allowing for the recovery of energy from the exhaust gasses. As was already the case, a second electric motor will recover energy from braking, although it will be able to put out almost double the power of the one currently in use. All the energy generated by the electric motors will be stored in a much bigger and more powerful battery pack than the current one, but it will still be fitted below the fuel cell. The electronic control system will be even more sophisticated to coordinate and manage all these new electro-mechanical devices. A new regulation, a fascinating challenge, which places great emphasis on energy recovery and on the efficiency of the power unit.”

Marmorini called up on stage with him those who had coordinated the various areas of the project: Mattia Binotto (deputy head of engines and electronics,) Enrico Gualtieri (engine reliability,) Guido Di Paola (engine design,) Dave Salters (testing,) Daniele Zecchetti (advanced systems development,) Stefano Lovera (electronics) and Thierry Baritaud. Through them, Marmorini wanted to thank all the staff for their efforts on the 059/3, but above all to spur them on to give their utmost for what it is to come in the near future: the adventure of the new powertrain has only just begun.

The presentation, which was set up inside the logistics pavilion, got underway with a look back at the past, through photos, engines and the most important cars from over sixty years of the Scuderia’s Formula 1 history, before symbolically bringing together this year’s F138 and the Corsa Indianapolis, the single-seater that was produced in 1953 to take part in the Indianapolis 500 Miles, so that past and present led the way to the future.






Milan, 19 December 2013 – The tyre tests in Barhain regarded a number of prototypes, which were completely innovative in terms of structure and compounds, with the aim of developing the most suitable solutions for the next season.

This morning Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes was fitted with one of these prototypes, a tyre which had only been tested in the laboratory and which will not be proposed again.

Thus, the safety of the tyres which will be supplied for the next Championship is not in question.

The accident which happened to Rosberg’s car is being investigated and the findings will be communicated to the FIA and the teams.

Courtesy: Pirelli Media


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