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Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Does Scuderia Ferrari A Favour?

by on January 9, 2012


Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Does Scuderia Ferrari A Favour?

Some reports are leaking that Scuderia Ferrari’s Marco Fainello has defected to Mercedes GP to join former Ferrari men Ross Brawn and Aldo Costa.  Mr. Fainello, understood to be born in the city of Verona (the backdrop to Shakespeare’s famous romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet) in the mid 60’s, started in the automotive field working for Fiat before moving to Ferrari and eventually Scuderia Ferrari.  Marco’s role as I understand it, is that he is specialized in tyre performance and simulator work with a focus on tyre performance.

I have not had any confirmation on any of the above information, however if true, Mercedes may have done Ferrari a favour.  Based solely on the struggles Ferrari seem to have had with getting the tyres up to temperature this past season, especially Massa, one might think that this may not be the smartest move. It has also been reported by that Fainello was moved back to Ferrari’s road car division (or gardening leave). Essentially this means that Ferrari may have well been done with his services.

There is no doubt that Fainello has had his place among the top F1 engineers, my concern is that his time may have passed at that level.  Is Mercedes becoming the home of Ferrari has-beens? 

Will Mercedes go down the path of Honda, Toyota and BMW with many years in F1 and only one win between the three giants to show for it?

Poaching talent between teams is a normal occurrence in Formula One. It’s a gamble every time.  There is more to a team than individual members, the chemistry must be present, the moon and stars must be aligned just so and the God’s of fortune must be shining upon all aspects on any given GP weekend.

Many fans are still waiting for Mercedes to shine.  Promises of success with Ross Brawn at the helm, Schumacher and Rosberg behind the wheel and all of Mercedes AMG money behind it and yet disappointment looms.
NEXT: Does McLaren return the favour?  Ex-McLaren engineers move to Ferrari to re-join Pat Fry…

@F1_DidYouKnow : 69 Days left to the start of the 2012 F1 season!


Ernie Black


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