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#F1:The Spanish Inquisition

by on January 10, 2012

#F1:The Spanish Inquisition


Catalonia’s regional government indicated that Formula One’s Spanish Grand Prix is “under question” due to its current economic state. Francesc Homs also indicated that it might be acceptable to share the calendar slot with Valencia which hosts the European GP.

Valencia itself is currently uncertain of its own faith. Bernie Ecclestone has been approached to re-negotiate the contract for the European GP at Valencia in an effort to try reducing costs. Officials have stated that the future of the Spanish GP in Barcelona is sketchy and they could be forced to cancel both the F1 and MotoGP events in the future.

Economy minister Andreu Mas-Colell explained, “We may reconsider holding Formula One and motorcycling Grands Prix here…It is not clear whether we can do so in the current climate…It is not the first thing we will reconsider, but in times like these we have to look line by line at what we are spending money on.”

Francesc did however go as far as to confirm that both GPs will go ahead as scheduled this year.

I’m certain that the legal costs of breaking the contracts may not warrant doing so.

On the topic of economy, it is well known that Europe is currently in less than healthy shape. Most of the world is not in great shape, so is this something that F1 (Bernie) must keep in mind when negotiating? For the good of the sport, does it make more sense to give these circuits a break with respect to cost, in order to keep races in Europe? I have to believe that there is more F1 interest in Europe than in some corners of the globe where Bernie has tried to expand to.

Ernie Black

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