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F1: FIA Gives LRPG Green Light-Rivals Sent Scrambling

by on January 11, 2012


As it has already been widely reported, Team Lotus Renault seems to have developed “F1’s MUST HAVE” gadget for 2012.   It is an innovative reactive anti-dive or ride height system. 

Rival teams have been sent scrambling now that the FIA has deemed the system legal.  Since the system is linked directly to the suspension and does not require any input from the driver, it does lie within the sporting regulations.

For a more detailed account of this, check out Autosport’s Jon Noble’s article @ 

 My concern is not so much with the system’s technical merit or workings or even it’s legality.  I’m more concerned that this might end up the same as the Double Deck Diffuser, F-Duct and Blown Diffuser.  These brilliant innovations were all allowed because they were deemed legal, and then banned in the following seasons.  One might make the argument that, Mass Dampers should never have been legal because the mass was not securely attached to the chassis and altered the altitude of the car causing ground effect, as pointed out earlier today by our friends @Forumla1_com.  A similar argument can be made against the F-Duct which, although had no moving parts, still required the driver to take action in order to make the system work.  This was probably not the safest approach, but it was good enough to be deemed legal at the time.

 I would hope the FIA sticks to its guns one way or another this time.  If it’s legal now, then clearly document what is considered legal for this type of device going forward.  This needs to be done now, so teams that are going to now scramble to interpret this system and devise their own can do so without wasting time, money and resources.

 I am all for innovation in F1, especially clever systems like this that can easily make it into road cars in the near future and improve our lives and safety.  I do however take exception when the FIA and F1 teams harp about escalating costs and then allow vast amounts of money to be thrown at a device or solution like the blown floor/diffuser and then yank it the following season.

 Something doesn’t smell right about that.

 Having said all that, we have yet to see what the brilliant Adrian Newey and RedBull have up their respective sleeves or what McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes might bring to the table this year.

 This may be one of many wild goose chases and the promise of another exciting and/or disappointing F1 season depending on for whom you cheer.

 Well, in the words of the iconic Murray Walker, “Anything happens in Grand Prix racing and it usually does”. 

 Let’s all sit back and see what happens as this unfolds.

Ernie Black

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  1. Pedja permalink

    To be honest it is often hard to be the judge. All of us who loves F1, am sure also loves this progress that F1 brings (semi automated gearbox, direct fuel injection, active suspensions …) but on the other side it is hard to draw the line where to stop. To leave it open and free only God knows where that would end and to make it stock it will pull out big names very fast.

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