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F1: McLaren Quiet & Confident First To Launch

by on January 12, 2012

F1: McLaren Quiet & Confident First To Launch


With just over 60 days to go before the start of the F1 season and half that to the first pre-season tests, there has been little word out of Woking.

McLaren has just confirmed that their 2012 challenger, named the MP4-27, will be unveiled on Februrary 1st.  The launch will take place at the MTC (McLaren Technology Centre) in Woking, unlike last year’s launch in Berlin.

Currently, McLaren will be the first team to launch their 2012 car.  This announcement comes just after rivals Ferrari announce their launch date (Feb. 3rd).  It seems that McLaren plan to beat their rivals on many fronts this year and start straight away with being first out of the box.

Many have noticed that aside from this announcement, things have been rather silent on the McLaren front.  Perhaps choosing to do their talking on the track, there is an sense of quiet confidence about the team. 

There has been news about McLaren making its way out, such as the fact that Mercedes no longer holds shares in the team/company, and of course that some of the team’s engineers have defected to Ferrari to work alongside former McLaren man Pat Fry.

There have been few stories about Button and Hamilton as well.  Although Hamilton’s recent GQ shoot was fairly well publicized, not much else of value has come out this winter from them personally. 

We all await McLaren’s new car, as always, it promises to be a looker.  McLaren were the only real threat and challenge to RedBull last season, I’m sure we’re all hoping for a tighter title challenge this season.
Ernie Black

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