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F1: Sutil May Face Prison While Verstappen Denies Attempted Murder Charge

by on January 12, 2012

F1: Sutil May Face Prison While Verstappen Denies Attempted Murder Charge


Today the proceedings against Adrian Sutil commenced for an incident that occurred during the 2011 Chinese GP, where Sutil allegedly took a swipe at Lotus’s Eric Lux.

Lux filed criminal charges against Sutil for apparently slicing his neck with a champagne glass.  Sutil has not denied a confrontation with Lux but does deny any intention to injure him as the whole incident was purely accidental.

It is possible that Sutil could face one year in prison if found guilty.

Zimmerman, Sutil’s manager confirms, “We are convinced that the court will come to the conclusion that there was no intentional attack”

There are other complications to this as it is understood that Sutil may be considered an undesirable in China.  This may play against Sutil in finding a seat for the 2012 season which he is currently without.

In an unrelated but potentially serious incident involving his previous love interest, Former F1 driver Jos (The Boss) Verstappen’s turned himself into police.  The buzz is that the charges revolve around attempted murder as she was struck with his car.  Verstappen’s attorney says the former driver denies the charges.  Verstappen is however known to the Dutch police for previous aggravated assault incidents. 
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