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Unlikely Praise For Lewis Hamilton

by on January 18, 2012


Lewis Hamilton has had a bumpy ride as of late in F1.  There is no denying his raw speed and talent.  When focused with a good car beneath him, he may be near impossible to beat.  He is driven to win, but seems to have been distracted lately. 
In 2011, he struggled at times to keep pace with team mate Jenson Button who seemed to make better use of his equipment while keeping out of trouble, while Lewis tangled more than once with Felipe Massa and others.

Let me say that it is not unlikely for Lewis Hamilton to receive praise but rather the source of the praise is what is somewhat shocking… Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, who’s history with Lewis does not need any further documentation is the unlikely source. 

In an interview with German magazine Sport-Bild, the former 2 time world champion indicated that he believed that Current F1 Champ Sebastian Vettel is not quite at the level of former teammate at McLaren and now rival Lewis Hamilton.

He was quoted as saying, “Lewis is very fast, aggressive and totally focused, he is only interested in victory. Sebastian has not reached that level yet…I know he’s the double world champion, but he is still somewhat behind the level Lewis has set.”

Shocking words from such a bitter rival.  This proves a few things, I suppose.  Firstly that there is respect among F1 drivers even those who on the surface seem to be bitter rivals.  Secondly, that even Alonso and Hamilton can learn to play nice in the sandbox after enough time passes.

With the Senna name in the news again, this situation reminds me of the bitter rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost.  Once teammates that couldn’t stand the sight of each other, later friends thicker than thieves…

Could this be the start of new friendship?  Some have their doubts, I’ll hold back judgement on that one too…
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