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F1: McLaren: Ground Control To Major Tom…Commencing Countdown Engines On

by on January 31, 2012

Ok McLaren fans, are you ready?  Tomorrow is launch time for McLaren.  Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, arguably the best driver pairing in F1 today are set to take the covers off the much anticipated MP4-27.  The Launch is set to take place at the team’s Woking Headquarters (MTC) starting at 11am and will be covered live on Sky and you can watch it all happen LIVE at!  I sincerely hope the IT group at McLaren and their ISP are ready for the thrashing their servers and bandwidth are in for.
Martin Whitmarsh of course will also be on hand to discuss the new title contender.  This time, McLaren plan not to be caught out by rival RedBull.  The whole approach was a much more aggressive approach.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say they have thrown caution to the wind, but they promise that they have not played it “safe” as they did last season. 

Some reports leaked this out this morning that McLaren might even be bracing for a battle from rivals even before the season starts.  There might be some innovative bits that are visible, (and surely others that are not) that might be pushing the boundaries of what is considered “legal”.
Isn’t this what we have come to expect from top F1 teams though?  Pushing the limit of what is legal and finding that great little “x” factor that everyone else missed?  Anyone remember the F-Duct?  How brilliantly innovative was that?

The boys from Woking have a tough challenge ahead, but something tells me they just might be up for the fight!
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