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F1 McLaren MP4-27 Observations

by on February 1, 2012



Vodafone McLaren Mercedes launched their much anticipated 2012 F1 Contender earlier today – the MP4-27.


Even under it’s silky covers, it was quite evident that it did not share some of the expected front end designs.  Both McLaren drivers expressed their admiration for the new car as well as their expectations. 


Once the covers were slipped off, it was obvious that there was no “ugly duckling syndrome” here.  The new McLaren has a sleek nose without the dreaded ugly step as was anticipated.  Then entire front end was designed to sit lower thus complying to the rules. 


The biggest and perhaps loudest talking point seems to be a rather innovative and interesting interpretation of the exhaust layout.  Quite clever, as we have come to expect from the boys at Woking, the exhausts exit out the top (as the rules stipulate).  It is however, not where one might have thought them to be.  The sidepods have a rather pronounced hump that house the exhaust at the extremities of the car with a concealed pipe that doesn’t actually protrude. 


Other quick notables are the slightly larger mirrors mounted on either side of the cockpits and what seems to be a slightly shorter wheelbase than its predecessor. Perhaps the biggest stunner is that it actually looks quite conventional.


We shouldn’t get to comfortable with it, it’s sure to change once the tests start or even as the season commences.  It’s already understood that the wings and floor seen today will not be on the car for the first GP.


It is also understood that the MP4-27 has little in common with last season’s challenger.  Many of the new technology and design bits aimed at making the car more efficient and clawing back some of the downforce lost due to the rule changes are hidden beneath it’s smooth silver skin.


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