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McLaren MP4-27 Launch Quotes

by on February 1, 2012

McLaren MP4-27 Launch Quotes


Here are some quotes I have compiled from the Launch today.  Trying to be as accurate as possible.  I hope this addresses some of the questions you might have.
Lewis Hamilton:

“I think the car is the most refined we’ve had for some time now, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it…We have changed the sidepods, we had the l-shaped sidepods last year. The front wing is different and we’ve changed our mirrors, so hopefully we should be able to see a bit better”

“The winter has been a great opportunity to recharge – I got away into the mountains, spent a lot of time hiking and running, improving my fitness and starting to prepare for the new year…It’s always great to get away from everything; change the scenery. And what’s great about Formula 1 is that you start each season with the baseline completely reset, everybody starts again from zero, and that always makes me so hungry.

“I get the feeling the MP4-27 is going to feel very new and exciting when we get to drive it for the first time.”
Jenson Button:

“This is a beautiful car…Many of them that you will see will not be!”

“With the regulations remaining relatively stable, we’ve really been able to focus on the detail with this year’s car…I still think we had a very fast package last year – it was very strong in certain areas – and our race pace was almost always fantastic, but we’re hoping for a further step forwards in 2012. With Mercedes-Benz, I think we also had the best overall engine and KERS Hybrid package in the pitlane.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel in Spain next week,” he said. “I know that everyone will be watching us very closely to see what progress we make during the pre-season tests, but I genuinely believe we have every reason to feel optimistic about the progress we’ve made and our competitiveness this year.”

With regards to RedBull : “You don’t suddenly build a bad car after winning the Championship for two years…”


Martin Whitmarsh:

“This year we have not been cautious but we have found some good performance…”

“We have set ourselves some tough targets that if we reach we think we can fight for the Championship. We haven’t reached those targets yet, but with some work we will do.

“We won’t know until qualifying in Australia where this car is.

“I don’t believe we have been inherently conservative. Inevitably there are creative brains seeking to find a Eureka moment that will bring seconds of performance, but sadly in F1 those moments are limited.”

“Building our own engine doesn’t feature in our immediate, short or long term plans
Paddy Lowe:

“Our main objectives for the 2012 season were to optimise downforce despite the changes to the blown floor, and to improve our understanding and utilisation of the Pirelli tyres, which were new to us last year.

“One of the more satisfying challenges was being able to develop and expand our knowledge of the Pirelli tyres. It’s our second season with Pirelli – 2011 was very much a learning year. We have used our experience from the past 12 months to design the car’s layout, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics around improved tyre utilisation.”

Tim Goss:

“I think the most obvious change is the loss of the U-shaped sidepod, which we pioneered on last year’s car. We reverted to a more conventional sidepod shape for this season because the U-shape was less suited to the new exhaust geometry restrictions. For 2012, the exhaust tailpipes now have to exit along the U-channel – so that particular feature was no longer really viable due to the new geometry restrictions. As a result, we decided to adopt a different approach to the way we feed the rear of the car. We have cleaned up the roll-hoop area and now have much tighter rear bodywork.”

“The regulations around the exhausts are very prescriptive: the exhausts must now exit within a very tight space at the rear of the car in order to minimise their aerodynamic influence. The final 100mm of the exhausts must be cylindrical – so they can no longer be oval, or flattened – and must be sited at a particular vertical and horizontal angle – between 10 and 30 degrees upwards. That’s to direct the exhaust exit away from the floor.”

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