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F1: Lotus Launches with Kimi And Quotes

by on February 6, 2012

Perhaps the best way to describe the new Lotus is, a new face with a familiar rear… The new car doesn’t look particularly revolutionary or ground breaking, it shouldn’t as it is only a mock up of last year’s car.  Much like the rest of the field unveiled thus far, it too sports a stepped nose designed front nose. 

Eric Boullier, team boss spoke,  “We have clear ambitions. We have a target. We want to be a top team and seen as a top team and everyone is united behind that goal. We have a strong driver line-up. With Jérôme we have a third driver who is young and ambitious and contested all the races in 2011. With Romain it was clear how much he deserved the race drive after just two practice sessions where he matched the pace of our race drivers and gave the engineers clear and concise feedback…”

“With Kimi we have a driver who has won races and won the World Championship. He’s worked for McLaren and for Ferrari. We went testing with him in a two year-old car on demonstration tyres and from the first lap he was on it. We can’t wait for the season to begin.”

From Kimi:

Here are some quotes compiled on Lotus, F1, the past and the future,

“A different team, different regulations but everybody’s different and for some people it is more difficult to get used to new stuff.

“It depends a lot on the car as well. If you have a good car it makes it a lot easier than if you have an average car.

“I was pretty happy after the first test that we did a few weeks ago. It felt pretty normal already so I think it will be okay. I’m happy so far about how things have gone.”

“I think these people know how to produce a good car. Even the big teams cannot produce a winning car every year. They are very capable people and have a good feeling about things. So hopefully we can get the good results.”

“There’s always talk about my motivation, written by people who don’t know me and couldn’t have an idea on how strong my motivation is.

“If I didn’t feel I had the motivation, I would stop.

“My feeling is that I probably drove some of my best races in my last season in Formula 1 and I was very happy with my performance. I’ve never had any issues with motivation.”
“I think people expect things from me, but as long as I know that I’m giving 100 percent and I’m happy with my driving then I’m happy. If those aspects are true and it’s not enough, then it’s not enough.”
“In my last year at Ferrari we weren’t always at the front but I’m a good racer and I want to get to the front. Lotus started well last year and we hope that the new car will be strong.”

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