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F1: Sauber C31 Launch Quotes

by on February 6, 2012

Peter Sauber and team have taken the wraps off of their new F1 car the C31.  Much like the most of the rest of the F1 cars launched thus far, it features a rather ugly stepped duck bill.  The car looks sharp dressed in its white grey suit.  The noticeable small sidepod inlets and tight rear end follows the same design lines as many of the other teams as well.
Peter Sauber was front and centre with his team at the unveiling (as usual), in Jerez Spain  and announced his goals, “We’re aiming to start the new season as strongly as we did in 2011, but then also to maintain this level of performance throughout the year…”

“Our goal is to finish regularly in the points so as to put ourselves in a significantly better position in the world championship. The Sauber C31-Ferrari boasts a large number of promising new developments, but in other areas it is a systematic further development of last year’s car…”

Matt Morris who penned the new car said it “is revolutionary where we had fresh ideas, particularly at the rear of the car, and it is an evolution where we knew we could carry over certain approaches…” He also went on to say that much was done to try to address its predecessor’s shortfalls while trying to improve on the things the car did well.

“The current plan is to launch a fairly basic roll-out version of the car, which was defined quite some time ago. We will then be testing development parts during the upcoming weeks with a late upgrade for the first race on 18th March in Australia. Therefore the car will look quite different in Melbourne compared to the roll-out car.”

Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez are ready to take the new car out in Jerez this week as testing commences tomorrow.  As with all teams, updates are already planned and ready for testing as well.

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