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Formula One Testing Schedule JEREZ

by on February 6, 2012

Not yet discolsed

Tuesday: Massa
Wednesday: Massa
Thursday: Alonso
Friday: Alonso

Force India
Tuesday: Di Resta
Wednesday: Di Resta
Thursday: Hulkenberg
Friday: Hulkenberg

Tuesday: De la Rosa
Wednesday: De la Rosa

Tuesday: Raikkonen
Wednesday: Raikkonen
Thursday: Grosjean
Friday: Grosjean

Mercedes GP
Tuesday: Rosberg/Schumacher
Wednesday: Schumacher
Thursday: Rosberg

Tuesday: Button
Wednesday: Button
Thursday: Hamilton
Friday: Hamilton

Red Bull
Tuesday: Webber
Wednesday: Webber
Thursday: Vettel
Friday: Vettel

Tuesday: Kobayashi
Wednesday: Perez
Thursday: Perez
Friday: Kobayashi

Toro Rosso
Tuesday: Ricciardo
Wednesday: Ricciardo
Thursday: Vergne
Friday: Vergne

Tuesday: Maldonado
Wednesday: Maldonado
Thursday: Senna
Friday: Senna

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