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F1 FEATURE – Jerez Day Two Tests – POEM

by on February 9, 2012

F1 Testing

Jerez, day Two

An old fart on top

By the name of Schu

That’s Michael Schumacher

In case you don’t know

He set fastest lap time

In last year’s car though

Next was Mark Webber

In his RB8

Sebastian Vettel

Had to sit and wait

Daniel Ricciardo

Rounded out the top three

As he lapped the circuit

Quite quick and smoothly

Newsworthy notes

From day two of the tests

Kimi dislikes

The new DRS

He said Passing’s an art,


This DRS is


Button seems happy

And quite frankly it shows

His shiny McLaren

Has the prettiest nose

“The car feels right”

He said with a grin

He thinks it may have

What it takes to win

Not so the case

With a little Brazilian

If he doesn’t perform

He’ll be a civilian

Massa explained

There is much to do

His F Twenty-Twelve

May need a break-through

Things won’t bode well

If this car is slow

More than just Massa

May be let go

The most important

News of all

Involves Charlie Whiting

And his Exhaust call

He said the exhaust

Positions are fine

With regulations

They are in line


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