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Formula One Tests Barcelona DAY 1 SUMMARY

by on February 21, 2012


Vettel finishes the day in a familiar spot, the top of the time sheets.  Stressing again that we should all take the testing times with a grain of salt, it is clear that there is some sort of order beginning to take shape.

We can see Vettel putting in some consistent long runs which should sound a wake up bell to many watching.  Lewis Hamilton in the MP4-27 put rounded the circuit 114 times which is only second to Charles Pic in the Marussia (121 LAPS).  Alonso failed to break into the 1.23s, but none of us know exactly what the teams have been working on and what was being tested.  Lotus out most of the day with Chassis issues.

  1. Vettel  Red Bull                         1:23.265               79  LAPS
  2. Hulkenberg  Force India       1:23.440               97  LAPS
  3. Hamilton  McLaren                  1:23.590              114 LAPS
  4. Ricciardo  Toro Rosso            1:23.618                76  LAPS
  5. Alonso  Ferrari                          1:24.100               75  LAPS
  6. Schumacher  Mercedes          1:24.150                51  LAPS
  7. Perez  Sauber                              1:24.219                66  LAPS
  8. Senna  Williams                          1:25.711               97  LAPS
  9. Kovalainen  Caterham             1:26.035              31  LAPS
  10. Grosjean  Lotus                          1:26.809                7  LAPS
  11. Pic  Marussia                               1:28.026            121  LAPS

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