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by on February 24, 2012

Just for fun
I thought I might
Recap the tests
And keep things light

In Barcelona
Round two of tests
For F1 teams
And welcomed guests

And Journalists
And several fans
Waved flags and fists

They lined the stands
Took several notes
Often Tweeting
And wrote reports

I followed the action
From a remote location
Unable to attend
I felt much frustration

I thank my friend
Jordan Irvine
For his updates
From time to time

And Gregory Haines
Whom I give a hard time
Kept me a breast
Which was sublime

So here we go
Strap yourself in
Get nice and comfy
As we begin

Four days of tests
And much hard work
Day one Vettel
Had reason to smirk

He finished the day
With a great drive
Best lap of the day

Day two was no joke
It was clear to see
The Hulk on top
That’s where he’d be

Day three belonged
To Maldonado
In his Williams
Showed much Bravado

Day four concluded
Testing round two
Kobayashi on top
As round he flew

Lotus packed up
Concerned with their chassis
A difficult choice
But one that was classy

Almost all teams
Put in many laps
Drivers were pushed
To the point of collapse

There were no surprises
No moments of glory
Understanding their cars
Was the name of this story

Testing round three
Starts March the first
In Montmelo we’ll quench
Our F1 thirst

Barcelona Day One Testing Poem Here:



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  1. ClownPonders permalink

    This is brilliant! I don’t watch much F1 myself but this has got me in the mood for watching it! The new sky sports channel should be good! Well done on this!

  2. What a great compliment! Thank you!

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