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F1 Pre-Season Mileage Report

by on March 6, 2012

So who racked up the miles in pre-season testing? 

Now this is tricky. Mercedes technically has run the most in terms of total mileage, however, that comes with an asterisk beside it.  Roughly a third of the mileage run, was using their 2011 W02, so technically, that shouldn’t really count.  

If we use that theory, then Williams take over as the team that ran the most in a 2012 spec car.  Followed surprisingly by Ferrari.  Sauber is next on the list followed by McLaren who really haven’t run as much some of us would have thought they might.  The first 2012 challenger to launch, Caterham, sits next on the list just edging out STR and Force India. 

Now perhaps for the biggest surprise, Reigning champion Red Bull on the list next.  If we were going to filter Mercedes back in with their W03 mileage run, they would slot in just behind Red Bull.  Lotus abandoned a round a testing as they started when an issue was discovered with their chassis, thus leaving them to be the last team on the mileage totem pole before the 2011 Marussia (Virgin) and HRT finish the list.


Approximate Total Mileage 

1. Williams TOTAL 5,334.0 km 

2. Ferrari TOTAL 4,980.6 km 

3. Sauber TOTAL 4.926.9 km 

4. McLaren TOTAL 4,891.1 km 

5. Caterham TOTAL 4,527.1 km 

6. Toro Rosso TOTAL 4,522.7 km 

7. Force India TOTAL 4,341.6 km 

*8. Mercedes TOTAL 5,427.9 km (W03 3,887.0 km, W02 1,540.9 km)

9. Red Bull TOTAL 4,312.9 km 

10. Lotus TOTAL 3,492.7 km 

11. Marussia TOTAL 1,573.4 km (2011 due to failed crash test)

12. HRT TOTAL 478.2 km (2011 due to failed crash test) 


Author: Ernie Black



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