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F1: SKY Sports F1 – Sky’s The Limit

by on March 8, 2012

Dedicated to the Sky Sports F1 Team – A welcome addition to the F1 landscape. Because at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the more Formula One, the better!

This Twenty-Twelve Season

F1 fans are blessed

Sky Sports joins in

To show all who’s best

Broadcasting F1

In full HD

& Full Surround Sound

So get ready baby

Title track picked

As things come alive

By Alistair Griffin

His song “Just Drive”

You ready for this?

Here’s what’s in store,

Top F1 presenters

I mean really top drawer

Expert Analysts

Break it all down

As the boys on the grid

Fight for the crown

Martin Brundle’s input

Cannot be disputed

Firsthand experience

Makes him perfectly suited

Add Anthony Davidson

Into the mix

A perfect addition

To Sky’s bag of tricks

Former F1 Champ

Razor sharp Damon Hill

Analyzes the action

So you get your fill

David Croft, A.K.A

@Crofty on Twitter

Commentator supreme

Is a real heavy hitter

Ted Kravits the pro

Live from pit lane

Reporting the dirt

Come shine or come rain

There’s Simon Lazenby

He’s all over the map

Covering all sorts of sports

Like a champ in a snap

Steve Rider cracks a window

To F1’s great past

His feature on legends

Will not be surpassed

It goes without question

I’ve saved best for last

The best part of it all

Is the great female cast

Sweet Georgie Thompson

Full of wit and grace

Enthusiastic reports

And a smiling face

And Natlie Pinkham

Does glamour define

Adrenaline junkie

And reporter divine

So have a seat

Grab a beverage or two

When the lights go out

It’s all for you


Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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