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F1: Before The Thunder Down Under

by on March 15, 2012

Before the gates open and people rush in, before teams get to work and drivers roll in….

Its 3am

In Albert park

Friday morning

And all is dark

Not a soul to be found

Walking pit lane

No sounds to be heard

Except that of the rain

Just hours ago

The paddock was jammed

Pit lane was full

Garages were crammed

Air thick with excitement

You could slice with a knife

As F1 Twenty Twelve

Came quickly to life

Photographers scrambling

Snapping pictures real quick

As their cameras and flashes

Went clickity click

Trying to stay dry

In the “on and off” rain

Umbrellas and Ponchos

Could be found in pit lane

Interviews were conducted

By the usual pros

But no one had secrets

The would gladly disclose

Smiles all round

As F1 returns

Even from those

That have their concerns

Just a fly on the wall

As I sit here and wait

For the sun to come up

And go through the gate

Observing all people

With my un-trained eye

For my readers at home

I’m their F1 spy

In just a few hours

My wait will have ended

The start of the season

Is inexplicably splendid

To all teams and drivers

Everyone in F1

Here’s to you and the season

That has not yet begun

To fans round the world

Who impatiently wait

Here’s to you and the season

That promises to be great!

Author: Ernie Black




From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

One Comment
  1. I second, third, and fourth this emotion! The wait’s been too long, and this season’s been too slow in coming!!!

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