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F1 Australian GP: As The Lights Go Out In Albert Park

by on March 18, 2012

Tick Tock
Goes the clock
When the lights go out
It’s time to rock

Lewis on Pole
For the first GP
McLaren on form
You would have to agree

P2 goes to Button
Less than two tenths back
Nothing in front
Except open track

Romain Grosjean
Surprises the field
P3 on the grid
So keep your eyes peeled

Schumi is next
Fourth on the grid
Ahead of Mark Webber
He sneaked and he slid

Vettel is sixth
A bit of a shock
This championship
Won’t be a cake walk

A mad dash off the line
To the first bend
For some it may be
The beginning of the end

A fight for position
And a battle of nerve
Hard on the brakes
And ready to swerve

Stomp on the throttle
As they scamper away
There’s no way in hell
Anyone will give way

Fans round the globe
Wearing team gear
One fist in the air
As we stand up and cheer

It’s a long season
And one bumpy ride
So hang on tight
And I’ll be your guide

Get comfy, Grab a seat
And a pint of beer
For the moment we waited for
Is finally here

Thanks to all the readers of this blog and my poems for their ongoing support and encouragement and most of all for the kind words.  I am looking forward to sharing this season with all of you amazing F1 fans.


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