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KarlasKorner Straightened Out – Karla Jennings Uncovered

by on March 20, 2012

Regular readers of my blog and many in the F1 Twitter community have come to know the name Karla Jennings.  She seemed to be a young F1 fan aspiring to be an F1 journalist.  I offered to assist her with her writing and allowed her to post her first article on my blog. She later went on to start her own blog KarlasKorner, which I helped promote and also wrote a couple of guest articles.   Always trusting and trying to see the good in people, I tried to help what I thought might have been new F1 personality.

It turns out, the seemingly sweet and passionate F1 fan was really a fraud.  I’m a little confused over the whole thing myself.  This all came to my attention after one of my Twitter followers tipped me off.  The images used by @F1Karla were actually those of adult film star Shyla Jennings.  If you search (Google) her, I promise you will see much more of her.  After her sudden disappearance, many asked what had happened to her and where she might have gone.  Her accounts on Twitter, and email as well as her blog had all been removed and deactivated.

After I came to know about this, I notified a few of the users who had asked about her.  I originally did not want to write this article because I wanted to disassociate myself from this whole mess, however, a good friend of mine and fellow F1 writer and blogger encouraged me to set the record straight.  While you can remove the articles and comments and flush browser cache, you can’t flush people’s memories.

Most of all, I wanted this to serve as a warning to all the younger F1 fans on Twitter and on the internet.  To all of you reading this now, please be cautious with whom you share your information with.  Never give out personal information about yourself or contact information to people you don’t know.  Remember that you cannot really trust anyone online that you don’t know, even if they seem legitimate.  Finally, do not believe everything you read.  @F1Karla, whomever he or she is, went to great lengths to be convincing.  While the whole thing still smells rotten to me and makes no sense at all, I am happy that this has come to light.

Thank you to my Twitter followers and Blog readers and to my friend Gavin who encouraged me to write this to set the record straight and help and warn all the young F1 fans that these predators and fraudulent people exist.

Please Tweet, Retweet and help this circulate so we can help warn readers and tweeters.

Thank You all


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  1. Reblogged this on pptf1car and commented:
    What the?! Grrrrrr. Stupid people.

  2. Thanks a lot! Actualy I was looking for her at the Press Box here in Sepang. She said she is going to Melbourne and also wanted to come to India.

    Oops, gud you guys found out!

    David B

  3. Damn that’s really sad. The things some people will stoop to. Let us know if you find out anymore info.

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