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F1: First GP Done and Dusted…On To Malaysia

by on March 24, 2012

By now you all know the results of the first GP of the year in Australia.  Albert Park set the perfect stage to have Formula One play out it’s initial plot and sort out its pecking order.

At the end of the final set of pre-season tests, we had a few ideas of where everyone would be in terms of performance.  Most pegged McLaren, RedBull and Mercedes as the three top teams with Lotus, Ferrari looking to fill out the top five. 

Well, that was close but no cigar. McLaren clearly outpaced the rest, Jenson got the jump on Lewis at the start and never looked back.  Smooth as silk, as is his style, he edged out Vettel who snuck passed Hamilton (who wasn’t that far ahead of Webber). 


So the biggest surprises have to be Mercedes not making any noise in the race after attracting much attention before it.  Lotus made noise though didn’t they? Romain Grosjean wedged his lotus like a door jam between second and forth on the grid.  Equally as shocking was Kimi’s Q1 exit and his P7  finish on Sunday. RedBull qualified poorly in comparison to where they were used to sitting (pole). Finally the elephant in the room…Ferrari…oddly, they qualified where most expected, the surprise was where they finished.  Alonso drove the wheels off of that car to finish fifth, however, quite far back from Webber.

So Now What?

So what can we expect this weekend?  Well, McLaren still looking strong, Mercedes looking better and RedBull still not quite there after the first free practices…
Massa didn’t finish the race last weekend, he’s got a new chassis to try to do that this weekend. 

Mercedes got the all clear on their f-duct device so if they are successful this weekend, you can bet several teams will be looking at trying to copy it. McLaren has no version of this in the works as far as we understand nor does it seem that they need it yet. 

The conditions are hot and hazy in Malaysia this weekend and the skies may open up to unleash a wet fury that will make the results to this weekend’s GP almost impossible to predict.

More to come soon…

Author: Ernie Black

TWITTER: @Goggs_On_F1



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