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by on March 28, 2012

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 Season Summary:

Two rounds done in the 2012 F1 championship and we aren’t any wiser as to where teams really stand in terms of pace or reliability. Australia was always going to be a mystery but after qualifying we all had a rough idea. As the race played out a few things became apparent, mostly however it seemed as though this was not going to be a one horse (or Bull) race this year. Malaysian monsoon like conditions shuffled the order and saw an unlikely or at least unexpected podium with Alonso on the top step after somehow coaxing his ill-mannered Italian stallion round the wet and wild circuit.  He was chased, quite literally by perhaps the biggest surprise of the GP weekend, Sergio Perez in his Sauber and finally Lewis Hamilton in the lone points scoring McLaren.  Three weeks to China, all are working feverishly to improve and understand their machines better as the fans wait with baited breath to see who will emerge as the season favourites.

Button Dismisses Alonso

After Jenson Button’s appalling race in Malaysia, he practically dismissed Alonso as a possible title threat and called out team mate Hamilton as his main rival. 

“Even after such a bad race – and that’s hopefully my bad race for the year gone – I’m still only 10 points off the lead, and that’s Alonso in a Ferrari. That’s not the worry,” Button said. “Lewis is definitely my main rival, and you have to say the Red Bulls as well.” 

Jenson is not alone however in this dismissal.  RedBull team Boss Christian Horner also seems to think Ferrari and Alonso are not really a threat as he added, “Ferrari’s victory and Sauber’s second place, we can get over…” (  I wonder however if this is just a head game or a serious comment.  If Ferrari get their act together with Alonso behind the wheel, they might both regret their comments by the end of the season.

Frustrated Vettel Flips The Bird

A side of reigning champion Sebastian Vettel we don’t normally see was caught on camera during the Malaysian GP.  Obviously frustrated with his lack of competitiveness after being spoiled with a “cream of the crop” race car for the last two season, he flipped Narain Karthikeyan the bird twice. He had some choice words for the Indian as well after the race. The Bild newspaper quoted the 24 year old German F1 champ as saying; 

“I think some people get overwhelmed by the situation and don’t see where their car is. You have to wonder whether driving a car is the right job for them…”

 Vettel Ignores Team Orders

During the Malaysian GP, it is understood that the RB8 driven by Vettel was experiencing higher than normal brake temperatures and perhaps other issues we are not aware of due to his collision with Karthikeyan. Team Boss Horner ordered Vettel to pull off and not complete the race, perhaps to swap out the gearbox before China, but Vettel claims he did not hear the order come through. A faulty radio? An unhappy, frustrated and defiant Vettel? It will be interesting to see if he suffers any issues in China.

  Karthikeyan Slapped With Penalty

In keeping with the above theme, as a result of the incident between the Indian driver and Vettel during the GP, Karthikeyan was penalised 20 seconds.  I’m uncertain that this type of penalty really does anything but it is a fine line that the FIA and race stewards have to walk.  One could easily consider it a racing incident as many doubt there was any malice or ill intent behind the whole incident.


Kimi Raikkonen has come under fire by some fans and media in the past for being somewhat boring to interview because of his monotone voice and lack of energy, but let’s face it, Kimi has given us much to talk and laugh about over his racing career.  His candid comment of his bathroom break during a live interview, his well-documented Gorilla suit incident, his tattoos, his love of a good party and the infamous shots of him reaching for an ice cream with a Coca-Cola in hand.  In one way or another, you can’t help but love this flying Finn who’s raw speed behind the wheel and rock stead nerves has given him the nick name of F1’s Ice Man.  Now however, he is also known as F1’s Ice Cream Man. Kimi’s team Lotus delivered the travelling press with an ice cream treat, along with a little message from Raikkonen, “Please enjoy this ice cream”. Looks like Kimi has both a sense of humour and a warm heart to go along with his “Ice Man” alter-ego.

 Outside – But F1 Related:

Eric Lux has apparently forgiven Adrian Sutil for the bar scuffle in Shanghai. He told Bild Newspaper: 

“I forgive Sutil…I would even be happy for him if he came back to race and had a job to do. For me, everything is past; I don’t have emotions about it anymore…”

 The pair had an altercation in a night club on the 16th of May 2011 while celebrating Lewis Hamilton’s victory. Sutil stood trial for the incident where a broken bottle made contact with Lux injuring him. He was handed an 18-month suspended jail sentence by the court in Munich as well as a 200,000 Euros fine.  Does the apology come too little too late? Perhaps it might play into Sutil’s  appeal case?

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