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F1: Dear Bernie – Are You Listening? RE:Silverstone

by on April 3, 2012

We all know there are certain rules for success in certain things in life.  For instance, any real estate mogul will tell you the three most important values to any property are location, location and location.  With marketing as well as TV (especially in sports), it is important to “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE” .

If you want success in this realm, you need to follow that rule.  You need proper marketing and management of funds etc… as well of course as in anything else. 

Formula One is a business at the end of the day.  It just happens to pull double duty as one of the world’s most prestigious Motorsports.  It is truly a global presence as it touches down on many continents….HOWEVER…  Has anyone looked at the attendance numbers for many of the “fly away” races and what the TV numbers show?  What I’m getting at, is that there seems to be less interest in places like Korea for example. In 2010, it is understood that 168,000 spectators were reported to have attended during the entire GP weekend. It is also understood (via The Korea Auto Valley Operation) that the Korean government gave thousands of tickets away to help boost attendance.  In 2011, sales were down so much that ticket prices were dropped in an effort to fill the grandstands. 

Now I’m certain (Bernie)  Ecclestone really doesn’t mind how the seats get filled as long as the cheque clears from the race promoters, but he should.  There seems to be a push to incorporate many new venues in many new countries such as Russia, India etc…while slowly eliminating those races in Europe. 

We can understand with the current economic climate being what it is in Europe, there is a concern on both sides of the argument, however, one needs to look at it from the perspective of the fans.  The fans are what make it all possible.  If it is affordable for both race venue to host and fans to attend, there is nowhere in the world that will embrace F1 as much as Europe.  It is afterall F1’s birth place and by far, I would wager to say, its largest fan base. 

If you need an ounce of proof, look no further than Silverstone. The circuit has seen a spike in interest so high that it recently announced  that it is adding two new grandstands.  Sales are up 10% over last season alone already. 

Dear Bernie, please take note.  Be less greedy, manage FOM’s money better and bring F1 to the fans that really want it.  It will make the job of camera men so much easier when they don’t have to try to avoid filming empty seats in grandstands.  So in a nutshell, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and stop pushing F1 in places there is little interest except your own  interest in making a buck.

Author: Ernie Black




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