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F1: Pirelli – The Bottom Line – Slicks Picked

by on April 3, 2012

Pardon the pun, I simply couldn’t resist… I’m such a child at times.  Seriously now, in case you were wondering what compounds we will see for the following four races, Pirelli released that information today.  China will see a Soft and Medium combination as we may or may not have already known, while Bahrain will share the exact same combination.  Spain should be a cracker with a wider gap between the two compounds which are the soft and hard. An interesting choice given the surface and temperatures but this should make for some fun racing and interesting on-track developments.  The tight twisty streets of Monaco will have the stickiest compounds with the Supersoft and Soft tyres being selected.    One must say, whether or not you agree with the FIA’s stance that the tyres should play a role in the action on track, Pirelli has been doing a great job of keeping things interesting. 

The 2012 tyre selections thus far:

  1. Australia: Soft and Medium
  2. Malaysia: Medium and Hard
  3. China: Soft and Medium
  4. Bahrain: Soft and Medium
  5. Spain: Soft and Hard
  6. Monaco: Supersoft and Soft

Visit : PIRELLI  online for more news

If you’re on Twitter, Follow Pirelli’s F1 man @PaulHembery and fellow Pirelli man @Mario_Isola (aka: Island).  Follow me too while you’re at it.

Author: Ernie Black




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