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F1: Are We In For A Shanghai Surprise?

by on April 5, 2012


Did anyone see that coming?  Alonso winning the Malaysian GP in a Ferrari that has been termed “A handful” remains the  Malaysian Mystery.  So can he do it again in Shanghai?  Reason might suggest the answer to be; NO.  Your racing intuition and the feeling in your guy says “NOT A CHANCE!”…yet in the back of your mind, although you hate to admit it, there is a little nagging voice that tells you…never say never. 

 So After catching The Flying Lap with Peter Windsor today, I get a call from a friend of mine in Shanghai.  After chatting about the upcoming GP and the apparent lack of promotion of it, we spoke about, what else? The weather….

 It just so happens that the long range forecast for Shanghai China for Friday April 13th (if anyone happens to be superstitious) to Sunday April 15th, which happen to coincide with the three days of the Chinese GP, calls for RAIN! Cooler than expected temperatures include; overnight temperatures Thursday around 5 degrees Celsius (that’s 41F) with the high on Sunday around 19 degrees Celsius (66.2F).

 Might lightning strike twice for Ferrari and Alonso? Are we in for a Shanghai Surprise?

 So who’s your money on? 

Author: Ernie Black




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