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F1: Bahrain – Beyond Sports – Part 2

by on April 10, 2012

If you’ve read Part 1 to this saga, here is the other side of #Bahrain GP coin.  (

There will be some people that will argue that F1 should not be detered from running the GP by a small number of extremists looking to gain attention on a world scale.  Bernie and the FIA have both given their blessing on running the Bahrain GP up until recently. Previous meetings and communications have been well documented that indicate that everything is safe to proceed.

All of this however was the past.  In the present, Damon Hill, who previously endorsed the race has voiced his concerns and no longer holds the same position.  Bernie has also announced now, that he will leave the decision to the teams.  I’m not sure how much of anything I believe when there is money, politics and legally binding contracts in place.  How much of these factors will be used to sway the vote?  Surely the teams will do the right thing for the safety of all.  Locally, some serious numbers in the hundreds of millions of dollars have been thrown around in terms of the financial impact to the local economy.  Formula One brings world wide attention and big money to Bahrain. 

As Formula One is truly a global sport, the issues in Bahrain are being made aware to a whole new audience of people that would not normally take an interest in them.  If there is one good that is coming from the recent F1 protests in Bahrain in tandem to the human rights struggles, it is that it is bringing awareness to the rest of the world. 

As we all know, there are two sides to each coin..this one seems to be a two headed coin. 


Author: Ernie Black




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