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F1 Headlines With No Mention Of…

by on April 18, 2012

In an effort to break the monotany of the many politically charged reports coming out from the place that is hosting the next GP, I thought I’d compile a short list good reads for you. 

From one of my favorites, Autosport, here is an article about Silverstone closing in on a return F1 testing.

From F1Today, Brawn discusses the Schumi Decision 

Also from F1Today Red Bull’s Marko feels that the Technical Changes Introduced Were Directly Against Red Bull

From VitalF1 Alonso Keeps The Faith

For the F1 purist, PureF1 takes a look at What Has Changed In The Past Year

RichlandF1 reports on Horner’s decision to hold off for now on Split Strategy

Now for my F1 technical fanatics, I included a couple of articles from everyone’s favorite F1 techno guru, Craig Scarborough (aka @ScarbsF1). Scarbs takes an indepth look at Red Bulls Kers Floor Mounted Super Capacitors and a detailed look at Caterham’s Front Upright as only he can.

Also reminding you all to tune into The Flying Lap later today with F1 insider Peter Windsor (@PeterDWindsor) where I believe @ScarbsF1 is one of the special guests.


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