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F1: FIA Gives Bahrain Green Light – On With The Show

by on April 19, 2012


Whether you agree or disagree with the decision, the much debated Bahrain GP is ready to get under way.  By now you’ve all heard or read that most of the disturbances are in small pockets away from the capital Manama.  There have been several reports as well that most of the protests are not targeting F1 at all.  AS I have reported in a previous article, some journalists (normally F1 journalists) took to the streets and have reported back on some of the violence, disturbances and protests to give readers away from the situation a feel for what things are like outside of the capital where life goes on as usual.  Today however, some of the violence hit much closer to the F1 world as four members of the Sahara Force India F1 team had a bit of a scare.  A firebomb landed near a vehicle that carried the team members.  It is important to note that the vehicles were not the target and this isolated incident had nothing to do with F1.  It was merely a coincidence. That does not discount the incident and brings to the forefront that there is still an ever-present danger.  Being anywhere at the wrong time could land you in the middle of some serious action.  No one was injured in this incident although it did scare one member of the team not involved to fly back to base in Silverstone.


Now on with the show!  This is Pirelli’s first race contested here in Bahrain but not their first visit as they have tested here in the past and have amassed some data already.  I had written a brief review for you all earlier this week on the challenges Pirelli and the teams will be dealing with, with respect to grip or lack thereof due to higher temperatures and blowing sand.  The heat however, will effect more than tyres and will certainly bring to light any cooling issues teams might not have yet experienced as well as brake fading due to overheating.  Drivers will get their first taste of real heat behind the wheel this season as well, meaning rapid dehydration could affect their performance as well.


All other issues aside, F1 is here and ready to race.  Free Practices kick off tomorrow where we will have our first taste of F1’s toys playing in the Sakhir sandbox.  The circuit was opened in 2004 and is quite literally set in the desert sands.  It is approx. 5.4kms (3.36 mi) in length and comprised of 15 turns and for straights.  The FIA has granted only one DRS zone on this Tilke circuit which is not the friendliest for overtaking.  The best place to overtake is still Turn one at the end of the main straight.  Due to the fact that this circuit is rarely used, it will take some time to rubber in so expect considerable tyre wear and marbles, which will play into race as drivers may avoid attempting some overtaking manoeuvres in order to stay on the cleaner racing line. 


AUTHOR: Ernie Black




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