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F1: In Case You Missed It – THIS IS MY BUTT!

by on April 23, 2012


STOP! Check out the video first:  THIS IS MY BUTT!

You know there are several Jeans companies out there, but only PEPE JEANS can get your butt to an F1 race for FREE!  Easily one of the hottest names in Jeans for years has been Pepe Jeans for their uncompromised style and brand image.

As we all know, PEPE JEANS is an official Red Bull Racing Sponsor and as we saw in the Bahrain GP, Red Bull Racing and Pepe Jeans do everything they can, to ensure everyone has a good look at their rear.

So here’s your chance to win tickets for TWO to your chosen F1 Grand Prix!  The rules are super easy!  Snap a picture of your butt in a great pair of PEPE JEANS and upload it to the Facebook Contest page! That’s all you have to do! A jury will choose the best fit among the most voted butts…if that butt happens to be yours, pack your bags with your PEPE JEANS because you’re off to see an F1 race! If for any reason you cannot attend a GP, you can still select a final prize of  Red Bull Racing caps AND Pepe Jeans both signed by Red Bull drivers Mark Webber and reigning Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel.

You can find all the info and the access to the contest on this link: CONTEST 


Want FREE F1 tickets?
To hang in F1 scenes?
Just slip on a pair,
Of your Pepe Jeans!

Then grab your camera,
And begin to strut.
For Pepe Jeans Contest,
This Is My Butt“!

Just upload the photo,
To the Facebook page.
Get votes for your butt,
To set the stage…

For the sexiest showdown,
In Formula One.
With Red Bull and Pepe,
It’s sure to be fun!

Its easy and free,
Fun, Sexy and hot!
You’ve got nothing to lose,
So send in your “butt shot”!

Age is no factor,
Old, young or teens.
Just get your butt into,
Your great Pepe Jeans!

It could win you 2 tickets,
To an F1 Grand Prix!
That’s pretty amazing,
I think You’ll agree!

For participating,
You could win something rare!
Signed Pepe Jeans,
By the Red Bull Pair.

So while Vettel and Webber,
Kick things into high gear!
Red Bull Racing And Pepe,
Will show you their rear!

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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