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F1: Rubbers And Nuts And Sexy Butts

by on April 26, 2012


It has been brought to my attention that some people may be missing their dose of F1 poetry.  With so many articles written lately about the Bahrain GP and the turmoil that surrounded it, there hasn’t been much of a chance to whip out my feathered pen to ink something poetic…However, as a special request from a good friend of mine and fellow F1 blogger, Alex Goldschmidt (@EyeofAlexg1977), here is a little something to help pass the time between now and the F1 test in Mugello next week…

Europe Bound
F1 heads home
To “in-season” tests
Not far from Rome

Teams gear up
To sort things out
There’s no more time
To mess about

Pirelli on hand
With loads of tyres
And their top analysts
To see what transpires

Ferrari need help
In a serious way
Big changes needed
With no further delay

Watch out for them though
If they sort things out
With Alonso in form
They’ve got serious clout

Mclaren may want
To attend this test
They have troubled nuts
As their pit-stops suggest

Many points lost
Their nuts are to blame
This is serious stuff
It’s no fricken game

Let’s change the subject
That’s enough about nuts
Switch gears for a moment
To some sexy butts

Pepe Jeans is a sponsor
To the Red Bull team
Get your ass in their jeans
For a prize that’s extreme

Win F1 tickets
With A shot of your bum
In your Pepe Jeans
So start snapping some!

Check back here soon
As I cover the test
I’ll do it in verse
To keep your interest



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