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F1: Mugello – How Critical Is This Test?

by on April 30, 2012

Formula One kicks off its in-season tests tomorrow in Mugello as you may know by now.  With four races done and four different race winners, things are tight.

It’s been somewhat clear that McLaren seem to be the team to beat, but at times they’ve beaten themselves.  There has been some inconsistency however.  Their pace didn’t seem to be there in the last two GPs.  Red Bull seemed as though they were missing something and then turned up the heat on its rivals in desert sands of Bahrain.  Lotus has looked strong and Sauber has had flashes of brilliance.  Mercedes has been a bit of an enigma but solid in China in terms of pace from Nico.  Who knows what might have happened had Michael Schumacher left the pits with all his nuts fastened.  Ferrari has been off the pace but somehow has been able to pick up points and even win a race.  Then there are so many in the middle with potential to make some noise and steal points from the front-runners.

So how critical are these tests?  With no clear picture yet of who really has their spanners in a row, these tests are super critical.  This at least, is what I  believe.  The more time teams have on circuit with their cars, the more they will be able to understand them.  While many teams will be testing new components and configurations, others will be trying to simply get to terms with the tyres and car behavior.

Each race has had a number of different conditions, including weather and temperature, track conditions and rubber compounds.  It’s all a mystery that is about to slowly unravel.  The next step starts tomorrow in Mugello.  A stepping stone to the Spanish GP where the championship will restart…for some, a new start.

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter:  @Goggs_on_F1



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  1. Suren permalink

    So crucial for Ferrari and Mercedes considering the top teams

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