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F1 Feature Poem: Next Stop: MONACO

by on May 15, 2012

One for the money

Two for the show

F1’s next stop

Is Monaco

The fashion, the fame

The glamor and glitz

The women on yachts

Showing off sexy bits

It is the crown Jewel

Of Formula One

Its nostalgic feel

Cannot be out-done

It’s tight and twisty

And slippery when wet

Its walls and barriers

Are always a threat

Royalty’s playground

On the French Riviera

A world famous race

Regardless of Era

It’s one of the races

All want to win

It’s every driver’s

Original sin

Hard on the throttle

Slam on the brakes

Tip-toeing around

Without making mistakes

In an effort to be

Somewhat objective

some fans dislike it

From a passing perspective

The streets are too narrow

It’s an overtaking oppression

Turning the race

Into an expensive procession

Whatever your view

You know you just can’t resist

You’ll be watching it closely

And waiving your fist

So on May 27th

Poor a glass of Bordeaux

Sit back and join me

In Monte Carlo

Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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