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F1: Pastor, Problems And Prognostications

by on May 16, 2012



Stories swirling as usual after a good performance about the next big F1 star.  Most recently, Pastor Maldonado coming off his win in Spain is being hailed as the “real deal” and possible champion hopeful.  While it is true that Maldonado had the race of his career in Barcelona, one victory, a champion does not make.  The Williams has been a good performer as well this season, however, I don’t believe it’s quite on the pace of McLaren, Red Bull or Lotus.  Nor do I believe that Williams has the money or resources to continue developing at the same pace as the bigger money teams.  However, with the sponsorship money of Venezuela’s state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela SA, it might be in better shape this season than previous seasons to do so.  Which brings us to the “Problem”.


It seems that somehow, Pastor’s victory spawned political arguments in Venezuela.  The long and short of it is that President Hugo Chavez came under fire from Yon Coicoechea, who called into question Chavez’ approval of the millions spend on the sponsorship of the F1 team/driver.  Coicocecha’s argument was based on the President’s apparent stance in support of the country’s population living around the poverty line.


By definition is; 1. a sign of something about to happen 2. To predict according to present indications or signs.

Unless Maldonado backs up his win with some solid performances and podiums at the very least, my prognostication is that he will soon be dismissed as contender.  Now I’m no prophet, I don’t read palms and my balls aren’t made of crystal, however, if I’m going to be honest and predict based on “present signs”, I’m going to say that Maldonado will have to get in line to win the championship this season.   If Lewis Hamilton had not suffered the penalty and consequently won the race, we might all have been talking about an inspired drive from the Venezuelan and solid performance to gain an unlikely podium.

This reminds me of the situation with  Sergio Perez after the Malaysian GP where he finished a strong second behind race winner Alonso.  He was immediately hailed as the next big talent and rumoured as Massa’s replacement.  The races that followed proved that it was difficult to sustain those initial claims.  So too will be the case with Pastor.


Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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