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F1: ScuderiaForum Advisory

by on May 18, 2012

To all ScuderiaForum members, site admin and owner Demetry Majors (ASTRO1) is sad to announce that he will be unable to continue his work with the forum.  Some of you who know me as one of the admins, will also know that I am the author and editor, as such, we have re-directed the site to my blog for the time being.  If you’re wondering how you got here, now you know.

We thank you all for your support over the years.  Please continue to follow the usual news, opinions and poems here on F1 Goggles and follow me as well on Twitter if you wish.  I can be found at @Goggs_on_F1.

If you are looking for a forum, there are many, however our friends at VitalF1 will be happy to welcome you into their online F1 Family.


Sincerely, Astro1, Tifosa and GOGGS


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  1. Hey Goggs, what do you need to get the forum up and running again? John, jkwaggener

    • It’s officially dead John. Astro1 doesn’t have the cycles to keep it going. Would appreciate participation on my blog and also feel free to join my partners at Vital F1

  2. gutted. Thank you for all your work and efforts over the years. it was a great forum and will be sadly missed. All the best for the future – hammerthief

    • Jason, Thank you for your support over the years. I would certainly appreciate your comments and thoughts on my blog. It has been a labour of love but it’s simply too time consuming to do it all myself. Thanks again, Cheers mate.

  3. pitty…we were not that many..but loyal to the board….thanks for the good moments though !

    • You’re most welcome. You are certainly welcome to comment and discuss here as well as on a partner forum at

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