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F1: Rubbish Rumors And Tardy Bloomers

by on May 28, 2012

This is a quick thought on the many rumors flopping about the internet like fish washed ashore out of water.  Since the second race of the season, I have read stories about Massa being replaced by a number of different drivers due to his lack of pace or poor performance.  Until we see or hear of confirmation that there may be some truth to the stories, we must dismiss them as rumors.  The latest fish to flop about has Webber (again) and Vettel moving to Ferrari.  I’m not certain what sense that makes.  Especially after Massa seems to have been able to finally score a decent result and shows signs of having turned a corner.

Unless Alonso decides he no longer wants to be at Ferrari, I personally don’t see him leaving the team.  On the surface, he seems quite content there despite not yet having the most competitive race car.  He is after all, somehow, leading the championship.  Massa would like nothing more than to remain at Ferrari, I would imagine, and Ferrari have given the little Brazilian every opportunity thus far to hold onto his seat.  As a tardy bloomer this season, he can certainly be a game changer by stealing points away from Fernando’s direct rivals.

Is it possible that someone else might waltz in before the 2013 season and snatch Massa’s seat? Absolutely.   Anything is possible.  Just as it would be possible for Alonso to walk away if he were unable to challenge for the title at (arguably) the top of his game.  What makes little sense to me is why Webber would want to go to Ferrari at this stage of his career when he has no reason to leave Red Bull.  After his victory in Monaco, he sits tied with his team-mate for second in the Drivers Championship.   Some rumors test the limits and boundaries of common sense.

One thing about common sense, if it were truly common, it wouldn’t be so uncommon…

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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