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F1: Views To Muse – More On This Rumor

by on May 29, 2012

Yesterday, I posted a quick thought on the rumor that had Webber linked to a drive at Ferrari next season to replace Felipe Massa.  The article can be found here.  This morning however, I read an article on that explains why former F1 Champ Alan Jones believes this is a good move.   I feel somewhat humbled by the whole ordeal as I honestly believed that the move made no sense.

It seems that my opinion differs from that of Jones.  He believes that one of the two things that Mark Webber has not yet achieved, that mostly all F1 drivers want to achieve in their F1 career, is to drive for the storied Maranello based team.  The other being a victory in Monaco.  I would probably throw winning the championship into that category as well as winning one’s home race…but that’s just my opinion.

I still fail to see the reason or what sense it makes for Webber other than having it on your CV as Jones explains (or perhaps monetarily).  I would imagine that Webber would play second fiddle to Alonso if this were to happen.  According to the former champion, Jones also states in this article that Alonso and Webber get on well, however, we have all seen many friendships tested when they are made to share space, spotlight, resources, etc… 

In my view, which is rarely ever 20/20 from my position, Webber is doing just fine at Red Bull Racing.  He fits in well with the culture at the Milton Keynes based team.  He sits tied for second with team-mate Sebastian Vettel and has no reason to believe he could not achieve number one status in the team as the season progresses. 

Whether or not this move makes any sense for either Webber or Ferrari to me is irrelevant really.  Earlier today I was reading Joe Saward’s blog (highly recommend it) where he happened to address this rumor.  In his article (News and Views), he mentions Webber going to Ferrari in 2013 and possibly Vettel to follow later.  It was the manner in which he states it though, that leads the reader to believe that this may be more than a rumor, “after Mark Webber goes to Ferrari in 2013, Sebastian Vettel might go there in 2014”.  One  reader (Kate) asks Joe if he believes Webber to Ferrari is a done deal, to which he answers, “Because I think it is…”

In the end, it all comes down to what Webber wants and what doors of opportunity are open or closed for him.  Thank you to Alan Jones for giving us an explanation as to why this makes more sense than I originally thought.  Of course a special thanks to Jonathan Noble of for bringing us the story and to Joe Saward for his insight and honesty .

If you happen to be on Twitter, please follow Jonathan Noble @NobleF1 and Joe Saward @JoeSaward or follow his blog at

Link to the article on this matter: 

Link to Joe Saward’s blog post:

I plan to raise the question to Peter Windsor tomorrow on The Flying Lap ( for his opinion.

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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  1. Lol, I read Joe’s piece this morning and immediately thought of your previous post!
    In my opinion I can’t see what would stop Mark going to Ferrari. He hasn’t got Redbull running
    through his veins (he wasn’t brought into the sport by their young driver academy), so
    I don’t think he has any real loyalty to the brand. It’d be a good move for him and he’d be compared to one of the best drivers on the grid.

    • As soon as I read it, I laughed, I just knew someone would write something after I posted that. Ok, so my thoughts are as follows. Unless Mark moves to a team with no pre-set number one driver AND a competitive car, it really makes no difference where he drives next year. The question is whether or not he drives next year and for how much longer. Sure, Ferrari would be a great place for him, but so would Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Mercedes. We shall see before the start of 2013 for certain. First indication would be contract talks between both Webber and Massa and their respective current teams. If no deals are done, then the doors to the silly season are swung wide open.

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