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F1: Wet And Sloppy – Thongs, Records And Rumors

by on June 6, 2012

What if it Rains
In Montreal
Could we expect
A “Free-For-All”

Wet and sloppy
Just like last year
With a poncho, a ticket
And a nice cold beer

If Schumi wins
A new record he’ll set
8 wins in Canada
So place your bet

We could see a seventh
Race winner crowned
Turning one’s season
Completely around

Could it be Lewis
Or Massa or Kimi?
A win would be great
That much is a “gimmie”

Alonso leads
The championship race
But does his Ferrari
Have the pace?

Red Bull Racing
Is coming on strong
But they might be distracted
By a fat bloke in a thong

Not Jeremy Clarkson
Or Flavio
I can’t say who
But it’s someone you know

More rumors to come
From the pitlane
Forget holes in floors
Like we saw in Bahrain

It seems Canada
Holds the magic key
The winner could dictate
Who the champion will be

For now grab your brellie
Get ready for action
Slap full wets on
And start praying for traction

One hell of a race
Is what’s in store
And foot to the floor

So head on over
To Montreal
Stay off the kerbs
And off the wall

More to come
So watch this space
From FP1
To the end of the race



From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

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