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F1: Twitter Legend – Fake Charlie Whiting

by on June 13, 2012

Twitter legend Fake Charlie Whiting (@Charlie_Whiting) was busy meeting and greeting with fans, handing out drive-through penalties to F1 journalists/presenters and personalities while investigating incidents involving empty beer mugs.  Keeping a small army of Twitter followers abreast of the action with clever witty comments and posting photos that would make even the casual F1 fan envious.

Fake Charlie Whiting and Captain Goggs

As I was doing some of my own meeting and greeting with fellow F1 tweeters, I spotted a massive camera lens to which was attached the very same Fake Charlie Whiting.  Shooting birds (as he so eloquently put it) perched high atop the Bud-Light Zone party altar with hoards of F1 fans gathered around the stage enjoying a pint and dancing about.

I made my way up to finally meet the man of mystery.  As expected, it turns out he’s quite a great bloke.  Friendly and inviting, his smile is infectious and his energy and enthusiasm likewise.  I only chatted with him for a few brief moments as we enjoyed a nice cold brew, but it was enough for me to realize why he is revered, respected and loved by many.

Twitter Legend Fake Charlie Whiting (@Charlie_Whiting)

Beyond his Twitter status, there is much more to him than his passion for Formula One.  He is quite the brilliant business man of executive levels and I’m quite certain he had no problems holding his own with the F1 Paddock elite.

Living the F1 fan dream with Paddock Pass around his neck and the biggest smile in Montreal.  It was a pleasure to have finally met the man many of us follow and all of us envy…at least for one weekend this season.

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: Goggs_on_F1



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