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My 21st Canadian GP – 10 Years Old All Over Again

by on June 13, 2012

Nick And Frank Fanizza

I often play the role of F1 ambassador, over the years I have brought with me several F1 first timers to the GP of Canada.  This year would be no different.  I therefore had a very busy weekend of playing tour guide, taking notes for articles I’d be writing, meet and greets, interviews, parties and more. I brought with me my brothers-in-law Nick and Frank Fanizza.  F1 rookies no more, they are already planning next season’s trip.

Having just joined the Twitter fraternity recently, I was anxious to meet some of my “Tweeps”. I was even more excited to finally meet in person some of the journalists and personalities that I have been reading and following for some time.

@TJamily On his honeymoon

The lovely Kate Walker (@F1Kate)

Let me say first and foremost that I had a great time in Montreal.  I had a plethora of fantastic experiences and met some extraordinary people, some of which have nothing to do with the GP or Formula One.

After FP2, I got caught in a torrential downpour.  A term often abused by many to prove a point that it was not just raining, but raining extremely heavily. In this instance, I would say it was an understatement.  The rain was so heavy that it created streams and lakes, especially near the Metro station.  As luck would have it, I had my trusty poncho with me which helped (somewhat) but I failed to bring a small life raft or canoe to get across the shin-high puddle that formed in front of the doors to the station.

RichlandF1’s Mike Caruso (@BrakingLate)

I made my way back to my hotel where I quickly changed into something dry and took my soaking clothes down to the laundry facility to dry them off.  My shoes were sadly a victim that could not be saved in short order.  There I met a friendly Scottish gentlemen named Cameron. It turns out he was had come for the Canadian GP and brought along his niece Tasha (@TashaDragonfly).   A beautiful young lady who’s mad about F1 and who will be featured in an upcoming article as she gives us a fans perspective of her F1 experience.

One can never enough beer in Canada

I met several fellow F1 nuts from Twitter, several F1 journalists and personalities and many new friends and F1 fanatics over the weekend. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet others which I had hoped to meet because of time constraints and idiotic security policies within the circuit grounds.  At one point, I even called the circuit security office to try to get through to meet with Darren Heath (@F1Photographer) at turn two but still got turned away.

I quietly sat through all practice sessions and qualifying, taking notes the old fashioned way on a notepad with a pen, occasionally tweeting updates and answering questions.  Who was on which Pirelli compound, noting the elapsed time, recording lap times and observations such as sounds and left front lock ups under breaking.  All the while, Nick and Frank ensured that I was well hydrated with cold Canadian beer.

Twitter Legend Fake Charlie Whiting

On Sunday, as promised in my poem, I put my pen down and enjoyed the race.  I need not go through the results, by now you all know what happened and probably why it happened.  After a thrilling end, podium celebrations and final interview, the boys and I took to the track and walked the circuit.  Taking a few pictures along the way and imagining as little boys do, what it would be like to scream down at full throttle down the straight.

And that is what F1 is all about to real fans. Making adults of any age feel like they’re 10 years old again as they sneak through the fencing and over the barrier and spill onto the track.

Thumbnail Gallery:

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Nick And Frank Fanizza

Pirelli Wall

Fire Marshals

Small Group of Protesters

Kate Walker And Captain Goggs


Peter Windsor And Bruno Senna

Riot Police

Towards Casino Hairpin

Birds and F1 Nerds – Bud Light Party ZONE

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