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F1 FEATURE: Valencia Surprise And Button’s Monkey

by on June 18, 2012

Valencia is next
The European GP
Another record to break
I guess, we’ll all see

Might we actually see
An eighth winner emerge?
Or will we see a clear leader
Start making a surge?

We’ve had 7 in 7
To our surprise
That’s seven new winners
In seven tries

Will Button shake that monkey
That’s on his back?
Will he tame those Pirelli’s
And kick some ass on this track?

What about Massa?
Can he turn it around?
Will he find the pace
That in Monaco he found?

Kimi and Schumi
Are still looking to win
A comeback of champions
They await to begin

No rain in Spain
Is in the forecast
But the weather can change
In a hurry and fast

Updates are scheduled
For more than one team
Some may be minor
Others might be extreme

This title fight
Is as tight as can be
A win either way
Can change the top three

Is this the season,
What F1 fans awaited?
Some fans have told me
It hasn’t quite translated

Dictated by tyres
Or strategy
It’s a roll of the dice
It’s a “let’s wait and see”

Some love the action
The uncertainty
Others think this
Is a mockery

Whatever your view
It’s been quite a ride
Love it or hate it
That’s for you to decide

Hoping Valencia
Can fill in the blanks
And clear up the question
Of who tops of the ranks



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