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F1: The Key To 2012 Success

by on June 20, 2012

This year F1
Is a total mystery
So much so
It’s making history

7  races run
7  winners thus far
A chess game of sorts
Between driver and car

The challenge for both
Aren’t mystifiers
Its unlocking the secret
Of the Pirelli Tyres

The first to uncover
This clever mystery
Will hold the key
To F1 Victory

It can turn one’s season
Completely around
From zero to hero
In a single bound

It could be Jenson
Who’s NOT having fun
With wins under his belt
Still stuck at one

It could be Kimi
Who’d be overjoyed
He’s been struggling thus far
And clearly annoyed

Schumacher has had
Some horrible luck
Another DNF
Would totally suck

If he can figure this out
He’ll be in great shape
All he’ll be missing
Is a silky red cape

As this lottery of sorts
Continues it’s run
Keeping bookies dumbfounded
And engineers undone

The real winners this season
Are clearly the fans
Where our heroes transform
From “Lions” to “Lambs”

The best racing in years
Some might dispute
To Pirelli a  “Thank You”
And a race fan’s salute

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet


From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

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