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F1: Now That’s TIGHT

by on June 23, 2012

 The most exciting Qualy
In Valencia Spain
Under sunny blue skies
With no signs of rain

The field was the tightest
It might ever had been
The fight was the fiercest
We may have seen

The top thirteen
at the end of Q2
Were just three tenths apart
No kidding, it’s true

Alonso And Massa
In the drop zone
Schumi there too
As out they were thrown

How tight was it really?
Here’s the FYI
Alonso out by 5 thousandths
Less than the blink of your eye

Surprises for me
Came in bunches of three
Namely Webber, Alonso
And the one named Schumi

Webber starts 19th
In the European GP
A sick Bull on his hands
I think you’ll agree

Ferrari showed promise
Just two weeks ago
Alonso tried hard
But he was simply too slow

I thought Schumi
Might pop a surprise
But 12th on the grid
I did not surmise

The true shocker for me
Was the tale of one Bull
It seems Newey and Vettel
A fast one did pull

They astonished the field
Left us all bemused
Three tenths over second
Has many confused

Valencia thus far
Has shocked us all
No boring day here
Fans are having a ball

It’s gut check time
Time to hang it all out
Let those V8s scream,
Yell, growl and shout

The race is longer
Than a single fast lap
No doubt in my mind
We’re in for a scrap

Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @TheF1Poet


From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

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