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Goodwood Festival Of Speed

by on June 26, 2012

If you have petrol

Coursing through your veins

If you sweat motor oil

And spray Champagne

Then here’s some advice

That you should heed

Go to Goodwood’s

Festival of Speed

The Earl Freddy March

Held a hill climb

In 1936

Or around that time

Giving birth one day

To this exciting event

That has motorsport fans

Overjoyed and content

One hundred-fifty thousand

Visitors strong

Get your tickets quick

Cuz’ they won’t last long

There’s a hill climb

And a Rally Stage

It’s adrenaline-fueled

And all the rage

There’s a Super car run

And the Style et Luxe

With Motorsport legends

Filling cracks and nooks

The theme this year?

Young Guns – Born To Win

Drivers and Riders

With speed under their skin

Meet racing superstars

From present and past

Two or four wheels

The list is unsurpassed

Classic cars

And modern day dreams

Hyper cars

That push to extremes

It’s all part of the package

Its three days of fun

An unforgettable memory

Under blue skies and sun

What are you waiting for?

Get your tickets today,

Hop online now

To see a full list of who is driving what please go to:

Visit the home page here: for more information on the festival and events.

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet



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