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#F1: Creative And Brief Silverstone Weekend Summary

by on July 9, 2012

It was the British GP
On Friday morn’
It was wet and sloppy

Hardly any cars ran
In Free Practice one
FP2 would see
A few more run

Qualy was rough
On Saturday
As the skies opened up
And caused a delay

With 6 minutes left
In the Q2 session
The red flag was waived
To the FIA’s discretion

When things cleared up
It was a mad dash for pole
Which was claimed by Alonso
Thanks to great car control

I take my hat off
To the great British fans
Stuck in downpours and tents
Traffic and caravans

Race day was dry
It was anyone’s race
As Alonso and Webber
Set the early pace

Maldonado was up
To his usual tricks
Crashing into Perez
Knocking him out of the mix

Lewis and Button
Couldn’t make an impression
Feeling like victims
Of constant oppression

As the laps wound down
Strategies were at play
Red Bull got it right
At the end of the day

Webber caught Nando
And a win he could sniff
As Alonso’s Pirellis
Fell off the cliff

Another great race
At Silverstone
The ninth round complete
In the race for the throne

 Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @TheF1Poet


From → F1 POEMS, Formula One

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