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#F1 : The Pastor Maldonado Dilemma

by on July 10, 2012

Like a misunderstood adolescent with a slightly marred reputation, Pastor is quickly finding himself defending his actions and getting reprimanded by the authorities.   After the British GP, I wrote an article for ( where I questioned whether or not it might be time for Pastor to be set to pasture. 

His aggressive driving style has come under fire by some, primarily from fellow drivers whose races he’s ended prematurely by imitating a mad bull in a china shop.

The article touches on his somewhat unique position which has his race seat all but protected at Williams because of the millions of pounds he brings to the team via Venezuela’s government funding from the PDVSA Petroleum conglomerate.  One has to wonder if that sort of financial backing influences his attitude knowing his performance may be a secondary in the question as to whether or not he keeps his seat.

I mentioned reputation, in the article, I touch on his history of questionable driving where his failure to slow for an on track incident caused  serious injuries to a marshal.  It also earned him a lifetime ban. 

Find out more about this dilemma from my original article:


Author: Ernie Black



  1. At this point last year, a lot was made of Lewis Hamilton’s driving and what he should do about it.
    Yhere is no question in my mind that Pastor has what it takes to make it in F1. The question is, can he curb that Latin hot streak in him? It is obious to anyone watching that he drives with his brain in his right foot. He has cost Williams a significant amount of points this season and with sponsorship aside, he needs to put together a strong series of results to satisfy Sir Frank.
    It is also woth adding that it was Adam Parr, the ex chairman who was behind the Pastor/Venezuela deal so Toto Wolff could already be looking elsewhere for backing.

  2. Best quote of the day “It is obious to anyone watching that he drives with his brain in his right foot” . Gary, you’re on the money with your assessment with regards to Adam Parr and Toto Wolff. I suppose the balance lies somewhere between what Sir Frank Williams is willing to put up with and how deep Maldonado Sr.’s pockets are. Although with respect to Hamilton last year, I wonder how much of that blame could be shared with Massa.

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