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#F1 : Tribute The Flying Lap With Peter Windsor

by on July 11, 2012

Peter Windsor And I

Welcome All
To The Flying Lap
With host Peter Windsor
Who’s a brilliant chap

In Formula One
For 40 plus years
He is Motorsport spirit
With very few peers

Race previews and recaps
And special treats
Peter will have you all
Glued to your seats

Phenomenal guests
Like Craig Scarborough
F1’s Technical guru
Whom we all love and know

Rob Wilson stops by
From time to time
With incredible insight
On who’s driving sublime

Mark Barnett
Breaks it all down
Strategically speaking
He wears the crown

Drivers stop by
With stories to tell
But only with Peter
Cause he knows them so well

Send in your questions
Get them answered live
Go ahead don’t be shy
Send in four or five

Best question will snag you
The weekly Globe prize
Just send in your address
And your shoe size

If you haven’t yet watched
You better get on board
Just catch one show
You’ll be hooked and floored

You simply MUST watch it
Just take it from me
It’s The Flying Lap


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