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#F1 : Schumacher – Hamilton To Ferrari

by on July 12, 2012

I personally love the F1 silly season.  It allows us fans to run away with ideas and come up with some ludicrous rumors that we actually start believing.  The media does a good job on picking up or starting rumors and convincingly write articles that make it all seem like a foregone conclusion.

A good friend of mine ran a little experiment on Twitter yesterday by starting a little rumor about Michael Schumacher to Ferrari to replace Massa for a one year stint before retiring.  This rumor had no substance and was done only to prove a point using the #F1Buzz hashtag for tracking purposes.  Sure enough, to our amazement but not complete surprise, #F1Buzz was trending on Twitter on two continents.

I mentioned now several times that in Montreal, I met with Joe Saward who also was fairly convinced that Mark Webber may have already signed a pre-contract (if such a beast exists) with Ferrari.  We now know this to be false, however we have confirmation from both Mark and Ferrari that they did hold discussions.

So on to Schumacher and Lewis.  We know Mercedes will not be considering any driver changes until something is sorted out with Schumacher.  What is not clear is whether the ultimate decision sits with Mercedes or it’s aging 7 time world champion driver.  Is it possible for Lewis to replace the German in 2013? Absolutely!  Is it likely?  Now that’s a whole new story I personally don’t have the information to make a solid prediction on.  Assuming Schumacher wants to continue racing and Ferrari offer him the opportunity to replace Massa, would he take it?  He might take it, although I seriously doubt it. I doubt even more that Ferrari would offer it knowing that Alonso and Schumacher aren’t the best of friends.

How likely is it for Lewis to land in Maranello?  Without any information but only my opinion at hand, I would say it’s not likely.  Ferrari seem to work best with a set number one or two and Alonso is unlikely to want to team up with someone like Lewis who could give him a run for his number one status.

Strictly based on my unprofessional opinion, I would say that Lewis will remain at McLaren as I expect the team to turn its current poor form around.  I also expect Schumacher to do a proper farewell tour with Mercedes in 2013 leaving before F1 changes its formula for 2014.  Somehow, I believe Massa will be offered a contract by Ferrari before the end of this season if his form improves and look at 2014 to make driver line up changes.  In case you were wondering, Vettel is rumored to have already made an agreement with Ferrari for 2014….believe what you like.  For me, I’ll only believe it when I see it.

Author: Ernie Black

Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1



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