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#F1 : Ferrari And Vettel – Why and Why Not

by on July 17, 2012

Formula One fans that enjoy the silly season, rumors and gossip are having an absolute field day this season.  There are a lot of tasty bits floating about for those with the appetite  for them.

To be fair, the rumors of Vettel to Ferrari are not new.  They surfaced two years ago and were shot down by both sides (three actually after Vettel’s win at Monza with STR).  Most likely spurred by Vettels form and rivalry with Red Bull team-mate Webber of late however. The stories cooled down after Vettel seemed to be in much more control last season and quite happy at Red Bull but they never really went away.

They of course surfaced again as expected, as they will every year until his contract is renewed with Red Bull or he actually signs a deal with some other team be it Ferrari or not.

Vettel is still young. At the ripe old age of 25 he still has several years left.  It is quite possible that he has not yet reached his peak as an F1 pilot and he already has 2 world championship titles around his skinny Pepe Jeans wearing butt.

So on to the question of  “Why”.  Many (not all) that live and breathe F1 professionally either present or past, will tell you that every driver wants to have driven for Ferrari in their career.  It is a sort of bench mark and if nothing else apart from the money and prestige, it looks good on one’s CV.  I had a discussion with Joe Saward and Peter Windsor separately about Webber and his rumored move to Ferrari and they both had the same response.  With 70 years of F1 experience between them, I would tend to at least listen to their opinion.

To conclude the question of “Why” then, it’s simply a barometer of status.  It comes down to money and where your name will be as an F1 driver in the history books.

So “Why Not” then?  Well, there really is no reason for Vettel to move to Ferrari other than those stated above. There is much politics and a definite culture shock in store for the young German if he were to make the move.  From Ferrari’s perspective, he’s still young and although has won two titles, he’s being manhandled by his much older team-mate.  With Alonso in the picture possibly still in 2014, not many can see either driver willingly accept a “number 2” role.

You can ask Mark Webber why he didn’t sign for Ferrari, but I’ll wager you get a different set of reasons from Ferrari if you ask them the same question.  Regardless, the rumors of Webber to Ferrari that had many convinced, turned out to be nothing but tabloid gossip.

Would you be surprised with a swap between McLaren and Red Bull in 2014? If Lewis signs a one year deal with McLaren for 2013, anything is possible.  How many of you would like to see Vettel in a McLaren and Lewis in one of Adrian Newey’s Red Bull creations?
Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1


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