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F1 : Hamilton Head Games And The Ties To McLaren

by on July 17, 2012

I was just in a brief discussion earlier today with a chap from London proper who happens to be in a circle of friends that overlaps those of a family friend of Lewis Hamilton.  He made a few good points about the former F1 champ and his current form.

Lewis has driven better than what his points total may indicate.  He has had some horrible luck with pit stops, penalties and of course “The Maldonado Incident”.  All of these factors, added to the frustration of not being able to compete because of McLaren’s recent lack of pace, may have started to play head games with the punchy Brit.

There is another factor.  Hamilton’s beautiful girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger has been rumored to be unhappy with her relationship with the F1 star.  I don’t put any value (really) to rumors but I don’t doubt that she may at times, serve as a bit of a distraction.  I would certainly be somewhat distracted… Some have questioned the mental strength of Lewis and his ability to juggle his personal affairs and his career.  There is no doubt that when things are going his way, Hamilton is very hard to stop when confident.  It must be said however, that we have also seen him be effected by factors that he has not been able to deal with.

Finally, the media has been hinting that Lewis is unhappy at McLaren and may be looking for a door to open to make an exit.  From the outside looking in, we can make many assumptions, but the bottom line is, there is probably very little on Hamilton’s mind other than regaining control of his form behind the wheel.  A little bit of McLaren magic and some good luck is all Lewis will need to straighten things out and regain some of that lost confidence.

All of these issues with Hamilton is also affecting the team.  McLaren’s value based on the latest report from Forbes, has the team’s net worth dropping.  The most likely cause may be down to two main factors.  Lewis Hamilton’s possible exit from the team is one factor, primarily because he is highly marketable.  Losing him would be a blow to the team’s ability to market the brand more effectively and draw more sponsors.  The other more permanent factor is that of McLaren’s title sponsor Vodafone, which is looking to restructure their sponsorship agreement due to their own financial situation. 

Enter the Coca Cola to F1 rumor that we’ve had floating about lately which has the soft drink giant coming in to take the place of Vodafone as McLaren’s new title sponsor…just rumors folks…just rumors.

As with most things you read on the wild world wide web and Twitterverse, take it all with a grain of salt and tell yourself only to believe it when it is confirmed.
Author: Ernie Black
Twitter: @Goggs_on_F1


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